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Enrollment Compliances

Fingerprinting and Criminal Background Check

Each student must be fingerprinted and have a criminal background check to verify identity and any past criminal history. 

More information here.


Immunizations are extremely important for College of Osteopathic Medicine students during medical school and as future health care providers. Much of what you do in the health care setting will come under federal Occupational Safety and Health Act guidelines. Certain immunizations are required of all health care workers by this and other regulators.

All students must be up to date with vaccinations and titers as determined by the University Physician throughout their tenure at the college.

Students that fail to become compliant by the deadline will be suspended from participation as a College of Osteopathic Medicine student until such time as the student becomes compliant.

See Instructions for Completing the Healthcare Student Immunization Record (pdf).

More information here.

Health Insurance

You will be automatically enrolled in the university health insurance plan through a charge on your tuition bill. Enrollment in this plan can be waived by proof of comparable coverage through MSU Human Resources. Waiver requirements can be found here.