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6 COMMUNIQU SUMMER 2016 I believe we can say one thing almost unequivocally the primary care family practice system is extremely effective. Patients know they are always welcome to see a physician at no cost to them and from what we saw there are no issues regarding access. Family practice physicians are capable and caring and a strong caretaker who is known respected and often loved in the community. Preethy Subramanian MSUCOM Class of 2016 STUDENTS Experiencing the family medicine clinics in Cuba has re- emphasized my desire to enter outpatient medicine. It is rewarding to treat diseases once they present themselves but the Cuban public health care system has shown that prevention and education goes a long way. Although I will begin my career as a hospitalist I look forward to a second career as a primary care physician. Medicine is the same worldwide. While in Cuba rotating through internal medicine at Caliexto Garcia we came across many of the same mainstay problems seen today in America community acquired pneumonia congestive heart failure stroke lung cancer etc. It made me appreciate that the only differences in medicine between the U.S. and Cuba were the availability of resources needed to treat patients technology brand name meds sterile equipment. This made me realize how medicine is universal wherever you go. Nicholas Paik MSUCOM Class of 2016 CUBA A cultural experience close to home but a world away Leaders from MSUCOM and the Institute of International Health made history in April when they led the rst contingent of American medical and nursing students to Cuba for a two-week elective in hospital and clinical settings. The participants included second- and fourth-year osteopathic medical students allopathic students and nursing graduate students. They spent time with Cuban doctors and other health care professionals and learned about the countrys health care system its strengths and challenges. Several of the participants shared reections from the experience with Communiqu.