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4 COMMUNIQU SUMMER 2016 Elizabeth Petsche ENCOURAGES STUDENTS TO EXPLORE INTERSECTION OF LAW AND ETHICS by Laura Probyn Persuading listeners to understand and support a point of view is part of most lawyers work. MSUCOM Assistant Professor Elizabeth Petsche is a lawyer in a medical school and her listeners are students who are more familiar with learning about gray matter than grey areas. She joined the college in 2010 and after spending ve years working to strengthen her teaching skills helping second-year medical students explore the law and medicine and ethics shes seeing the fruits of her labors. Not only do students approach her at events and send emails thanking her for the lessons in critical thinking and discussions of difcult topics she also received a Golden Apple teaching award in 2015 and the Class of 2016 honored her with a Distinguished Lecturer Award. Petsche teaches a three-week course on medical ethics professionalism and law. Its an 8 a.m. class with required attendance for pop quizzes that include small-group discussions something that initially challenged students who watch many lectures online. I came in with a law background where class was expected and you didnt miss it she says. When I came here the content I was teaching wasnt conducive to passive learning online. Ethical dilemmas are not passive legal questions are not passive. It was a culture change. Petsche who had not taught prior to joining the college endured harsh student reviews early on. Instead of changing what she strongly felt was a valuable educational experience she chose to improve her classroom skills. I did a teaching fellowship at the university and took part in as many teaching activities as I could. I attended MSU Faculty and Organizational Development sessions I got tips I learned techniques and I read. It appears to have been time well spent. Even after all of the pop quizzes are done I still have 95 percent attendance in the class. That means something to me. I still get emails from students who thank me for the information because they didnt just learn it and dump it she says. Ill get fourth-year students who tell me I remember what you taught me because I used it. Thank youAnd that makes me so happy. HIGHLIGHTS Petsche interacts with students in Fee Hall.