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SUMMER 2016 COMMUNIQU 3 Mark Gugel demonstrates an OMM technique during a class. HIGHLIGHTS by Laura Probyn Mark Gugels teaching philosophy was inspired by what he learned in the very same rooms where he now shares lessons in osteopathic manipulative medicine. A 1989 MSUCOM graduate and an associate professor Gugel has been involved in training osteopathic medical students since his residency years. It was Lon Hoover a former faculty member in the Department of Family and Community Medicine who captured Gugels attention. I remember the rst lecture he gave here. He was talking about osteopathic medicine in general and he teared up talking about the profession Gugel says. Hed gotten a number of teaching awards here for OMT when I was a student and I got to work with him one-on-one in the clinic. He tried to make things simple for students and really cared about them. As a family medicine resident Gugel taught courses on OMM and physical exams. He frequently worked with Hoover before moving into a practice in DeWitt. In 1996 as Hoover was preparing to retire he asked Gugel to return to his alma mater as an educator. I wanted to try to ll his shoesI didnt necessarily think that I couldbut I wanted to come back here and give the students the same kind of experience that he gave me Gugel notes. Whether or not hes lled Hoovers shoes Gugel seems to have connected with students whove bestowed him with the Osteopathic Faculty Award nearly a dozen times. His philosophy is simple focus on the students. It goes back to the behavior that Dr. Hoover modeled for me he notes. I think when the students see that passion and that drive and the focus on what they need to know and not playing games thats when they do their best learning. As someone whos seen MSUCOM Mark Gugel LEARNED GREAT TEACHING FROM GREAT TEACHERS as a student and a faculty member and who has lectured students for 20 years Gugel believes that the students are as driven and as purposeful as are he and his cohort though he does however see some differences. Our students are coming in especially if I compare them to myself with a lot more volunteer activities and extracurricular things that my class never did he points out. They denitely have a better sense of community and what it takes to be a physician and help the community. He also sees a difference in their learning styles. Students learn now in a different manner they arent necessarily sitting in lecture. He adds I think they need to know that what we do is a profession we need to be professional but that doesnt necessarily mean you cant enjoy what you do you cant have fun at what you do and learn at the same time.