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SUMMER 2016 COMMUNIQU 1 Cristo Rey patient Jessica Borrera learns to use a stethoscope with help from Aimee Leisure-Martins. LEISURE-MARTINS FACING A WORLD OF CHANGE HIGHLIGHTS By Meg Spenchian Growing up a Yooper in Marquette Michigan surrounded by the outdoors animals and Lake Superior Aimee Leisure-Martins knew two things she wanted to become a doctor and she wanted to practice in the U.P. But rst she wanted to see the world. A medical mission trip to Honduras that my mother a registered nurse took me on was pivotal in my decision-making process because I saw an overwhelming number of people in great need of medical care and it was my rst real exposure to poverty said Leisure-Martins. I then began learning about the different types of medical providers and being a doctor of osteopathy seemed to be the best t for me. MSUCOM was her top choice for medical school. Its location and the quality of the OMT courses inspired her and her interest in international health care led her to a clinical rotation in Chogoria Kenya with David MacIntosh MSUCOM 76. I knew that for me where I went to medical school would be the stepping stone to the rest of my medical journey said Leisure- Martins. A 2012 MSUCOM graduate she has always loved the medical eld but initially did not know which path would be best for her. In her new role as the staff pediatrician at the Cristo Rey Community Center in Lansing Leisure-Martins is using her passion for helping others to carry out the family health clinics mission to provide basic medical care to underserved populations. One thing that Leisure-Martins did not expect was the journey she would take with her husband Marcilio Martins-Leisure. Shortly after I was accepted to MSUCOM we found out he had a rare type of liver cancer. Together we made the decision that I would start medical school and hed continue his frequent treatment trips to Ann Arbor she said. He was instrumental in helping me grow as a person and a doctor-in-training. MSUCOM was very understanding when I had to take a leave for a year after we knew he only had a few months to live. At that point we traveled back to his homeland of Brazil where we could be with family and friends said Leisure-Martins. MSUCOM welcomed me back when I was ready and then I completed the program. After nishing a pediatric residency at Sparrow Hospital in 2015 she found out about the job opening at Cristo Rey. With the Latino culture near to her heart she was excited about the opportunity at the center. It primarily serves a Medicaid population expands primary care options for the areas most vulnerable children and adults and is currently working to grow the pediatric practice. The center has a holistic approach to caring for the community as it offers several services including a clothing closet food pantry warm meals prescription assistance nancial empowerment programs and counseling. While Leisure-Martins continues her pediatric career and works part-time shifts at the Sparrow Nursery she has extra motivation along the wayto keep the memory of her husband alive by striving to spread joy as effortlessly as he did and always looking for the best in people. Marcilio continues to be an inspiration to me to be a better physician by trying to place myself on the patient side of the interaction as well as striving to live life to the fullest every day.