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SUMMER 2016 COMMUNIQU 27 Ralph and Jean Krichbaum Dr. and Mrs. Michael G. Krogulecki Joshua J. Kroll Ia Y. Kue D.O. and Xing Z. Kue Ann K. Kuenker D.O. and James R. McDonnell D.O. Darby A. Kuenzel Patrick W. LaFleur D.O. and Shirley A. LaFleur Peter R. Lapine Ph.D. and Elaine R. Lapine Roderick Lelental Brooke L. Lemmen D.O. and Kurt M. Lemmen Chadwick Leo Raquel L. Lepera-Demaght D.O. and John Demaght Lawrence M. Lerman D.O. Randal and Susan Leslie Deborah J. LeVan D.O. and Ross G. Parker Tracey S. Linden D.O. Paul W. Lixie and Tracy L. Lixie D.O. Alys L. Long D.O. and Marc E. Long Catherine T. Loniewski-Girdler D.O. and Gregory D. Girdler Jay M. Lonsway D.O. and Tammy L. Gleeson D.O. Leighton M. Lum D.O. Darrin P. Lund D.O. David N. Madgy D.O. Marsha Lynn Malone-Thompson and Turner S. Thompson Jr. Darryl J. Mangianti Ronald V. Marino D.O. Loretta M. Marion Walter J. and Norean A. Martin Melanie A. McCollum William J. McDevitt D.O. and Nancy J. Carty Joe A. Mielke and Joan D. Taylor Alice Miles Dorothy A. Mills Megha Mohey M.D. and Gurpreet Singh D.O. Christine M. Morgan Ed.D. and Jeffrey W. Morgan D.O. John H. Morrison Jr. D.O. F.A.A.S.M. and Karen L. Morrison Cathlyn S. Murphy and John J. Murphy D.O. Meghan K. Murphy D.O. and Jonathan R. Steen D.O. Shawna-Marie Nantais Sam J. Nassar D.O. Mark J. Niesen and Jennifer F. Niesen D.O. Kristina V. Nikolakeas D.O. and Fadi Nadar Carl M. and Kathy M. Novak Thomas E. Olencki D.O. and Rebecca S. Olencki Jane E. and Mark K. Olgaard Michael J. Oneka D.O. and Rebecca J. Oneka Mario J. Orsini D.O. and Kristy A. Orsini Claudia L. Osborn D.O. and Kristine L. Sprague Valerie K. Overholt D.O. and Howard H. Schubiner M.D. Julie A. Packey and Dennis C. Packey D.O. Anthony T. Paganini Ph.D. Drs. William H. and Wendy E. Page-Echols Elina V. Pales D.O. and Dmitriy I. Pales D.O. Diane M. Paratore D.O. James L. Patton and Jill A. Patton D.O. Sun F. Pei D.O. and Sun F. Pei Mary R. Pell D.O. and Thomas W. Pierson Kathy M. Petteruti D.O. Adorno Piccinini Nida Piccinini Adriana M. Pinkowski D.O. Arnis Pone D.O. and Diana Pone Debra L. Porter Kenneth J. Price D.O. and Tracy J. Price Louis G. Putz D.O. Nancy J. Rancour D.O. and Thomas P. Rancour M.S. Sridhar P. Reddy M.D. Louis E. Rentz D.O. Edward R. and Mildred A. Roach Myral R. Robbins D.O. and Gerald F. Robbins D.O. Cecile T. Robes D.O. Joseph C. Rogers D.O. Rosemary Rogers Jonathan D. Rohrer Ph.D. and Dalice J. Rohrer Arthur J. Ronan D.O. and Jennifer M. Ronan MaryEllen Rosel D.O. Roy M. Rosen D.D.S. Sanford S. Ross D.O. Bruce L. Roth D.O. and Stacie R. Roth Larry R. Rothstein D.O. Evgueni Roudachevski D.O. and Regina Yarosh Adam C. Rourke D.O. Ali M. Saad D.O. Jagneswar Saha D.O. Ph.D. and Kamala Saha Jayaraj Salimath D.O. and Sushanta Salimath Melvin B. Saltzman D.O. and Louise F. Saltzman Steven G. Schauer D.O. Megan E. Schellig Looby D.O. Joann Schmidt and Roy Schwarz Jon L. Schriner D.O. Donna L. Segarra Alice R. Shanaver D.O. Harriet A. Shaw D.O. and Michael B. Shaw D.O. Kenji Shibata D.O. and Mary VanVooren D.P.M. Marc D. Sibella D.O. and Maria D. Sibella Christian W. Sikorski M.D. and Amy E. Sikorski Kathleen M. Skelcy D.O. and Gregory E. Skelcy Peter C. Smith Margaret Sorrel D.O. Bradley J. Spartz D.O. and Jennifer A. Spartz Robert M. Stenz D.O. Paul C. Stoll Sheldon Stolman D.O. William J. Swords D.O. and Cheryl R. Swords Robbie H. Taha D.O. Wallace P. Tarver and Denise L. Tarver D.O. Hassan Tavakkoli D.O. and Zora Tavakkoli Turner S. Thompson Jr. and Marsha Lynn Malone-Thompson Sandy Tobar Jaishree Trikha Mark B. Trubowitz D.O. and Pamela Gates Clyde A. Turner Jr. D.O. and Davida L. Lee-Turner Chad K. Uptigrove D.O. Bruce A. Van Dop D.O. and Nina Van Dop Kimberly VanderVeen and Joseph J. VanderVeen D.O. F.A.C.O.I. Rodney T. Velarde D.O. James J. Venier D.O. and Jane E. Venier Marcy D. Verplanck-Kanitz D.O. and Michael G. Kanitz Jon Waggoner Daniel J. Wale D.O. and Sima O. Salman D.O. Gregg M. Warren D.O. Michael G. Waters D.O. and Michele M. Waters Mark B. Wein D.O. Dr. Linda Hernandez Mike and Cammy Wheeler Deirdre A. Wickham D.O. Jerry M. Wieting D.O. and Shelley S. Wieting Robert A. Williams D.O. and Katherine J. Alizo D.O. John N. and Elizabeth D. Witte William B. Workman D.O. and Cynthia Workman Jonathan P. Wulff D.O. and Cynthia L. Wulff Barbara A. Zajdel D.O. 2015 ANNUAL DONORS OF 1 TO 99 Andrew M. Adams D.O. Paul A. Adams D.O. Elizabeth L. Albright D.O. Mark E. and Margaret A. Allen Harriet R. Bakalar and Edwin S. Tobes D.O. Jeannine P. and John R. Bauer Thomas C. Beachum Mezaan and Steven Beljic Peter G. Bernad M.D. Kimberly J. Betts Nancy K. Bolash and Alan M. Bolash M.D. John C. Bollman and Karen L. Bollman D.O. Amy G. Bolmer D.O. Matthew C. Bombard D.O. Tricia S. Bradford Gary L. Branch D.O. and Christina R. Branch Jonathan N. Bruner D.O. and Michelle K. Garfield-Bruner D.O. Antoinette T. Burns D.O. Rachelle A. Busman Ph.D. and Benjamin M. Busman D.O. David W. Cain D.O. Nick and Diane Carpenter Amber R. Casey D.O. Sean A. Cassleman D.O. SUMMER 2016 COMMUNIQU 27 HONOR ROLL