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26 COMMUNIQU SUMMER 2016 Shanon D. Walko-VanMeter D.O. and Jeffrey A. VanMeter Richard A. Wandzel D.O. and Maria E. Wandzel John L. Wang and Lucille D. Fallon Mary A. Werkman D.O. and J Clarke Anderson Walter M. Whitehouse Jr. David L. Wolf D.O. and Anita S. Wolf Katherine A. Worden D.O. and Judith Mason Lewin Wyatt Jr. D.O. and Lillie Wyatt Dennis M. Yee D.O. Douglas J. Zakolski D.O. and Sabrina R. Zakolski Joseph A. Zielinski and Kendra L. Johnson D.O. Catherine S. Zimmerman D.O. and Thomas W. Zimmerman 2015 ANNUAL DONORS OF 100 TO 249 Allison L. Abraham Cheryl A. and Leonardo Agrusa Jennifer A. Alderink D.O. Sally Alderink and Gordon J. Alderink Ph.D. Peter F. Alvarado D.O. and Meagan K. Alvarado Ilona A. Amsler and Robert H. Amsler D.O. Harry L. Anderson III Anna S. Antonopulos D.O. Kathleen Anzicek D.O. and Mark E. Leventer M.D. Eugene H. Axelrod M.D. and Charlene Axelrod Janet M. Bach D.O. and Edward E. Chlystek James and Sue Balger Jessica B. Barker D.O. Christopher R. Barnes D.O. and Jessica J. Lalley M.D. Kathy J. Barr Jamie M. Bartley and Eric C. Bartley Esq. Scott W. Barton D.O. and Arlene Barton O.D. Samba S. Bathula M.D. Geoffrey E. Baum D.O. and Laurie S. Baum Kenneth S. and Shirley L. Bayles Donnie S. Beasley D.O. and Jeff L. Bettes Timothy L. Beechnau D.O. and JoAnn M. Beechnau Harold E. Benedix Jr. and Susan E. Benedix Alyce J. Berry and Andrew H. Berry D.O. Tammy L. Birbeck D.O. Robert M. Blum and Theresa C. Valasco Daniel Bonbrisco D.O. Matthew P. Boyd M.D. Kristopher L. Brenner D.O. and Carin C. Brenner Katie L. and Nathan Buelow Robert H. Burke M.D. James A. Burtka D.O. and Colleen M. Burtka David L. Byington D.O. and Elizabeth Byington Roger C. Byrd D.O. and M. J. Byrd Laurence A. Carr Ph.D. and Jeanne M. Carr Kevin T. Cavanagh M.D. Hassan A. Chaaban Michael C. Chabot D.O. and Victoria H. Chabot D.O. Victoria S. Chang Dr. Roxana Chapman Bo Y. Choi D.O. and Thomas Kim J.D. Drs. J. Michael Connor and Sandra M. Cifor Mark W. Cimmerer M.D. and Amy B. Cimmerer Lara R. Clary-Lantis D.O. Angela M. Clay D.O. John P. Coleman D.O. and Joanne A. Coleman Robert S. and Diane W. Collier Alicia C. Commet Ryan Conway Gregory W. Coppola D.O. and Michelle A. Coppola Nancy N. Cotten D.O. Robert J. Cotter Jr. D.O. Joan L. Cranmer and Kevin D. Cranmer D.O. Maryvic Cuison Gina M. DAmbrosio D.O. Jay B. Danto D.O. and Debbie Z. Danto William J. and Patricia A. Darnell Joan L. DeByle Dipak and Mira Delvadia Frances C. DeMattia D.O. Lorane M. Dick D.O. Kelly A. Dinnan D.O. John P. Dohm D.O. and Tamela E. Dohm Lauren E. Donatelli-Seyler D.O. and William Clarke Seyler Jr. Craig E. Downs D.O. and Marcia Y. Downs Brian R. Drabik D.O. John T. Dziuba M.D. Geralyn A. Ederer-Navarre Anthony A. Emmer D.O. and Julie M. Emmer James C. Evans D.O. and Marisa Evans Sheri L. Ewing D.O. and Paul C. Ewing Edward M. and Judith Fannon Muhammad Farooq Suzanne B. Fellows and Jonathan Fellows D.O. Clifton W. Fisher D.O. Patricia Fitzpatrick Melissa A. and Stephen Ford Willa C. Fornetti-Bell D.O. and Jeremy M. Bell D.O. Ian H. Fox D.O. and Shawn L. Bolton D.O. Michael L. Fox D.O. Susan Reece Freel Janna K. Freeman Shelly A. Friedman D.O. Courtney A. Gabbara Todd L. Galdes D.O. Nikhil Gandhi Bernadette M. Gendernalik D.O. and Lawrence A. Gass Pamela M. Geppert D.O. Ryan J. Gleesing D.O. Cathy L. Glick M.D. and Lawrence M. Halman John W. Gobel D.O. Jan M. Goldberger D.O. Robert M. Goodman D.O. and Linda Goodman John and Marjorie Goodridge Aron A. Gornowicz D.O. Joseph L. Gorz D.O. Darrell L. Grace D.O. and Charles M. Grace William R. Grace D.O. and Marsha K. Grace Robert W. Graham D.O. Robert K. Gramenz D.O. and Carol J. Ramm-Gramenz Charlene M. Greene D.O. and Bruce A. Orttenburger Steven Grejda D.O. and Elaine F. Grejda Dwayne M. Griffin D.O. Donald L. Griffiths Michael R. and Emily Grow E. Aron L. Haass D.O. and Cristina A. Haass Corey J. Haber D.O. Raymond T. Hajjar D.O. Ryan D. Hamby D.O. Daniel R. Harber D.O. and Kimberly A. Harber James H. Harding and Shirley A. Harding D.O. Earl T. Hecker D.O. Steven and Merle Heidemann Reuben S. Henderson D.O. Harry Hernandez D.O. Deborah L. Hickey D.O. Cathleen A. Higgs and Scott A. Grigg Craig L. Hiller D.O. Donald L. Hillman D.O. and Helen M. Hillman Jessica E. Hilst Bruce L. Hirshman D.O. Timothy Hodge D.O. Anne T. Hollingsworth D.O. and Philip J. Farese Jr. Esq. Robert A. Hoogstra David C. Horowitz Mary J. Hughes D.O. and David P. Hughes Howard F. Hurt D.O. Helen B. Irvine Walter L. Irving D.O. Monish Jain M.D. and Pooja Jain Robert M. Johnson D.O. and Mary A. Johnson Charles M. Jones D.O. and Earline R. Jones R.N. Prajwol P. Joshi M.D. Mark D. Kahle D.O. Steven M. Katzman D.O. Amy J. Keenum D.O. Christopher P. Kelleher Kenyon S. Kendall D.O. and Kathleen Kendall Shawn E. Kidder D.O. Ronald H. Kienitz D.O. and Kathy Kienitz Lewis B. Kinter Ph.D. Kimberly S. Klapchar D.O. Karen Klein M.D. Larry R. Klevans Ph.D. and Carol M. Klevans John E. Klosowski D.O. Jeffrey A. Kommit D.O. and Jenny Kommit Maurice Krashin D.O. 26 COMMUNIQU SUMMER 2016 HONOR ROLL