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SUMMER 2016 COMMUNIQU 25 Ronald C. Lutsic D.O. Dr. David Kenyon MacIntosh and Dr. Lorah Wright MacIntosh Tedd L. March D.O. and Debra L. March Amber L. Mclean D.O. E. Brian Mosallam and Abir H. Marashi George J. Murakawa M.D. Ph.D. and Mimi Murakawa Shivajee V. Nallamothu D.O. Kimya-Anhcina L. Nguyen D.O. Gregory A. Niederhauser D.O. and May-Eileen A. Niederhauser D.O. Mohammed S. Ogaily M.D. and Huda A. Ogaily Dennis M. Paradis and Janet D. Olszewski Jonathon M. Parker Dr. James Patenge Thomas P. Petroff D.O. James J. Rechtien D.O. Ph.D. and Mary Ann Rechtien Deborah L. Reeths A.C.S.W. and Thomas E. Reeths D.O. Norman P. Reeves Ph.D. and Patricia Gonzales Craig and Theresa Reynolds Dr. Marylee Davis Dr. Roy M. Rosen Richard Schneider and Barbara A. Atkinson D.O. Christopher J. Schwimer Rita M. Seck D.O. and Frank J. Seck D.O. Susan J. Seman D.O. Lynn M. Sikorski D.O. and John Scales Dr. Michael and Nena Sikorsky Paul D. Stein M.D. and Janet L. Stein Robert J. Stomel D.O. and Elaine M. Stomel John J. Swienckowski D.O. and Carol L. Swienckowski Ruben L. Tenorio Jr. D.O. and Gail F. Tenorio Keith B. Tom D.O. and Laura J. Tom R.N. Harrison W. Tong D.O. and Andrea J. Goethals D.O. Dr. Robert and Rhonda Tubben Kimberly A. Turke D.O. and Geron D. Turke D.O. Dr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Walkiewicz John S. Zazaian D.O. and Suzan P. Zazaian Andrew J. Zillgitt D.O. 2015 ANNUAL DONORS OF 250 TO 499 Lawrence Abramson D.O. and Susan L. Greenfield Sami Abu Farha Marc A. Afman D.O. and Darcy E. Afman Peter B. Ajluni D.O. and Judith L. Ajluni Diane K. Alexander D.O. Joseph Armovit D.O. Harris Baderak D.O. and Janet M. Baderak Joanne M. Baker D.O. and Kenneth A. Baker Michelle M. Bauer D.O. and Anthony Sandusky Lee P. Begrow D.O. and Karen L. Begrow Fatima S. Beydoun Hitesh M. Bhatt D.O. Randall E. Bowsman D.O. and Faye E. Bowsman Kristin K. Bredin D.O. Richard L. Bryce D.O. and Kelly L. Bryce Dr. Earl Leon Burhans II Kimberly S. Camp Terry L. and Grant M. Carrithers Howard T. Chang M.D. Ph.D. and Patricia M. Kowalski O.D. Gerson I. and Carol R. Cooper Duane J. Corsi D.O. and Jeanette S. Corsi Robert J. Cotter Jr. D.O. Kathleen E. Cox William C. Crafton D.O. and Mary Anne Crafton Arjuna J. Cuddeback D.O. Michael B. De Young D.O. and Amy De Young William L. Denam D.O. Richard W. Doud Jr. D.O. and Kathleen E. Doud Stuart Etengoff D.O. and Bonnie Etengoff Howard K. Fertel D.O. and Natalie Fertel George B. Fisher III D.O. and Allison L. Fisher John J. Frederick D.O. and Valerie K. Frederick Paul R. Gauthier D.O. and Karen Gauthier Vasilios Gikas Gregory Golicz D.O. Robert J. Gordon D.O. and Lori S. Roberts-Gordon Dean A. Grace D.O. and Kathy A. Grace Glenn A. Gradis D.O. and Donna W. Gradis Vincent J. Granowicz D.O. and Nancy L. Granowicz Justin E. Grill D.O. and Carrie A. Grill Jeanne M. Haberer D.O. and Ryan P. McConnell D.O. Brian S. Hanna D.O. and Belinda Doty Hanna Willie Harris D.O. and Donna E. Harris Mark E. Hatch D.O. and Anne M. Hatch Robert L. and Constance Heintz Ann L. Henelt D.O. and Daniel Flynn Corinne E. Jedynak-Bell D.O. and Thomas Bell D.O. Sonnora A. Johnson-Reed D.O. Catherine A. Kerschen D.O. Dr. Margaret Jo Kingry William M. Kokx D.O. F.A.C.O.E.P. John K. Kosik D.O. and Tam Kosik Robert G. Koski D.O. and Carolyn Koski Bruce S. Kovan D.O. and Ilene Kovan Robert A. Kreft Jr. and Michelle A. Kreft D.O. Jo-Anne K. and Daniel R. Kristensen Dr. and Mrs. Richard and Robin Kustasz Lucia A. Leone D.O. Nancy B. Macchiarella D.O. Rebecca J. MacFalda and Brian J. MacFalda D.O. Devone T. Mansour D.O. Gary L. Marsiglia D.O. and Dorothy J. Marsiglia Robert W. Mathews D.O. Margaret G. and David J. McCormick William P. McKeown D.O. and Kathleen S. McKeown Max T. McKinney D.O. and Marilyn McKinney Erin M. Meyer D.O. Joyce E. Michael D.O. and Michael J. Trumbull Brian F. Miller D.O. and Lauri K. Miller Saroj Misra D.O. and Brandy Misra Tawfiq E. Nakhleh D.O. and Maria N. Kossak D.O. Trinh D. Nguyen D.O. and Hoi Nguyen Sarah S. Nielsen D.O. and Joel A. Nielsen D.O. Roger E. Packard IV D.O. Michael D. Parmer D.O. and Debora M. Parmer William P. Penn D.O. and Mary A. Penn Thomas W. Pfennig D.O. and Christine M. Pfennig Timothy A. Piontkowski D.O. Clark E. Pritts D.O. Lawrence L. Prokop D.O. and Pamela A. Prokop Mary E. Pugmire D.O. David S. Quang D.O. and Jennifer A. Quang Scott E. Ratzenberger and Susan M. Enright D.O. Patricia L. Rehfield D.O. Carole W. Roseland D.O. and James E. Roseland Richard S. Ross D.O. Terence J. Ross D.O. and Patricia A. Ross Jacob J. Rowan D.O. and Wendy J. Sylvester-Rowan John W. Rowda D.O. and Carol Rowda James E. and Brenda M. Rozek William M. Rudy D.O. Mangala G. Sadasivan Ph.D. and Andrew M. Goldynia David S. Schneider D.O. Geoffrey Seidel M.D. and Paola Seidel Martha J. Shadel D.O. Dr. Michael and Tracy Sheehy Harriet R. Sherman and Steven D. Kohl D.O. Charles E. Simpson D.O. and LouAnn Simpson Beverly A. Smith and Donald W. Smith D.O. John R. Socey D.O. and Charley Socey Laura J. Spangler-Rodin and Peter J. Rodin D.O. Floyd C. Stevens Jr. D.O. Sarah E. Strong D.O. and Andrew J. Blake Christopher and Rebecca Surian Gregory A. Szyperski D.O. Tracy J. Tacket D.O. and Douglas G. Tacket D.O. Terrie E. Taylor D.O. Matthew Tews Tudor R. Tien M.D. Sue C. Tobin D.O. and Fredrick Tobin Dominic R. Tomburrini D.O. Sanford J. Vieder D.O. and Carol B. Vieder Frederick M. Vincent Sr. M.D. and Tish Vincent M.S.W. Esq. Don J. Walbridge D.O. and Stephanie W. Walbridge SUMMER 2016 COMMUNIQU 25 HONOR ROLL