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24 COMMUNIQU SUMMER 2016 Dr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Haywood Margaree Hills and Roy A. Hills D.O. Dr. Kari and Mr. Patrick Hortos David L. Janeway D.O. Michael L. Jensen D.O. and Becky G. Jensen Stewart and Sharon Jones Judith A. Joslin-Page D.O. and David J. Page Dr. and Mrs. Ravidranath Kambhampati Drs. David and Laurie Kaufman Dr. Thomas A. Kelly and Susan K. Codere Dr. Sameera T. Khan and Mr. Tahir Khan Ms. Sandy Kilbourn and Dr. Gary DiStefano Dr. Steven R. Klein Mark and Christine Kopel Dr. and Mrs. Chad M. Kovala Barbara L. Kozlowski and Joseph S. Kozlowski D.O. Frank F. Lanzilote D.O. Medley A. Larkin D.O. James Learner D.O. Laura J. Liebler and Richard R. Neubig M.D. Ph.D. Tommy G. Lindsey II D.O. F.A.C.O.S. and Jeri Ann Lindsey Grant J. Linnell D.O. Andrew C. Liu D.O. and Vivien L. Liu Dr. Mary Mark Louder and Mr. Andrew Louder Dr. David and Linda Luginbill Jed Magen D.O. M.S. and Carol Barrett Ph.D. Dr. and Mrs. Craig Magnatta Jean L. Mahoney and Gerard J. Mahoney D.O. Phoebe Mainster and Harris W. Mainster D.O. David T. Malicke D.O. and G. J. Malicke David R. Mandy D.O. Dr. Michael and Cynthia Maser Betty L. and Richard S. McCaghy Drs. Lynn and Thom McCurdy Dr. John Meulendyk Dr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Miller Jiangyoung Min M.D. George Artzberger D.O. and Jo Ann Mitchell D.O. Carol L. Monson Dr. and Mrs. Reza Nassiri Dr. Joseph and Dr. Giuseppina Naughton David Neff D.O. and Elizabeth Holmes Michael J. Neumann D.O. and Diane Neumann Peter T. Nock D.O. and Jeannine M. Nock Mark E. Notman Ph.D. and Fidelia J. Notman Dr. and Mrs. Anthony F. Ognjan D.O. Dr. Eugene and Mrs. Elena Oliveri James A. ONeill M.D. and Mikel M. ONeill Christian Orlic Perrin and Anita Parkhurst William P. Peterson Jr. M.D. and Linda I. Peterson M.D. FAPM Dr. and Mrs. William W. Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Pirch James and Elizabeth Plemmons Dr. Joseph and Deborah Pysh Rich A. Reidy D.O. and Erin F. Reidy Robert K. Reuter D.O. Dr. Kathy and Mr. George Rollinger Drs. Mark and Sandra Russell Janis J. Saunders D.O. Dr. and Mrs. Frederick C. Schreiber Arthur and Cindy Schurgin R. Taylor Scott D.O. and Marci K. Scott Ph.D. Mary P. Scott and Fremont L. Scott III D.O. John W. Sealey D.O. Pierce M. Sherrill D.O. and Carrie M. Sherrill Mrs. Arlene E. and Dr. Lawrence Sierra Sidney K. Simonian D.O. and Michael Rubin D.O. Carrie L. Speier-Schafer D.O. and Steven J. Schafer Dr. and Mrs. Donald F. Stanton Dr. and Mrs. James S. Stepanski David Susser D.O. Dr. Stephen Swetech and Grozda Swetech John and Trena Thornburg Thomas and Joy Thrun Rodrigo Tobar Jr. D.O. Mark J. Uzansky D.O. and Halley Uzansky Todd G. Hickox D.O. and Carmen R. Ventocilla M.D. Mary Jo K. Voelpel D.O. F.A.C.O.I. and Lawrence William Voelpel Kirsten L. Waarala D.O. and Tracey M. Sperry D.O. Eric T. Walchak D.O. Robert C. Ward D.O. and Helen E. Ward Jayne H. Ward D.O. Richard Ward and Lynn McPhee-Ward Joseph T. Watkins D.O. and Linda Watkins Michael J. and Samia Watkins Victoria A. West Larry A. Wickless D.O. Gary L. Willyerd D.O. and Richard J. Laney George R. and Suzanne G. Wilson Michael D. Winkelpleck D.O. and Erin I. Winkelpleck Bruce A. Wolf D.O. Terry L. Wolf D.O. and Linda M. Wolf Sunita Yedavally D.O. Srikala Yedavally-Yellayi D.O. and Subrahmanya S. Yellayi M.D. Peter and Ruth Yoon Dr. Michael Zakem Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Zazaian Dr. and Mrs. Daryl Zelenak 2015 ANNUAL DONORS OF 500 TO 999 Thabet R. Abbarah M.D. Frank L. Anderson D.O. Angie R. Athens Dr. Ellen K. Athens Mr. Thomas D. Lasky William R. Athens Sr. D.O. and Angie Athens Barbara A. Atkinson D.O. and Richard Schneider Tabatha J. Barber D.O. and Jeremy D. Barber D.O. Michael E. Barnes D.O. and Karen D. Barnes Dr. and Mrs. Stewart L. Baroff Richard A. Below D.O. and Elizabeth A. Below Kevin J. Berlin D.O. and Kimberly Berlin Lindsay M. Best D.O. and David K. Best D.O. Bret C. Bielawski D.O. and Holly E. Bielawski Amelia Brumm and Lynn F. Brumm D.O. Steven L. Burandt D.O. Edward J. Canfield D.O. and Cheryl A. Canfield D.O. Gregory M. Cibor D.O. and Anne M. Cibor Jennifer L. Collins and Barry J. Collins D.O. Thomas G. and Tampa A. Cooper Carmella L. DAddezio D.O. Alan A. DAugustine D.O. Barry and Jill Dehlin Sue and Edward Eiler William G. Elliott D.O. and Raymond Wineblad Bart Q. Eng D.O. and Sachiko Eng Mona Y. Fakih D.O. Dr. William M. Falls Matthew Flannigan D.O. and Miriam Flannigan Michael J. and Mary M. Forness Dr. Brenda Fortunate and Mr. Edward White Cynthia L. Glasson D.O. and Scott Glasson Mary Goldman D.O. and Jerome Goldman Eric D. Good D.O. Bryan J. Griffin D.O. Joanne M. Grzeszak D.O. Shehadeh K. Harb Gerald A. Harriman D.O. and Nancy L. Harriman Todd D. Hartgerink D.O. and Rebecca L. Hartgerink Audrey J. Harvey Daniel P. Hearld D.O. and Teresa L. Wainscott Brent and Tenley Himes Jonathan M. Horbal D.O. Timothy J. Izzo D.O. and Linda L. Faunt Izzo William F. Jackson Ph.D. and Debra E. Jackson Edward J. Jelonek Jr. D.O. James E. Johnson D.O. and Linda M. Johnson Ronald J. Kalchik D.O. Samuel H. Kelman D.O. Colleen K. Kniffen Michaeline T. Koppy-Austin D.O. and James P. Austin Matthew L. Kuiper D.O. Yegappan Lakshmanan Lorie J. Lang and James C. Lang D.O. Judy A. Lazzaro and James H. McQuiston D.O. Angela W. Lim D.O. Christina Lindell M.D. Paul Y. Liu D.O. and Min C. Liu Edward A. Loniewski Sr. D.O. and Mary J. Loniewski 24 COMMUNIQU SUMMER 2016 HONOR ROLL