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22 COMMUNIQU SUMMER 2016 John L. Wang and Lucille D. Fallon Larry A. Wickless D.O. PRESIDENTS CLUB 10000 TO 24999 Margaret I. Aguwa D.O. Dr. Arash Armin and Carmen Leon-Armin Dr. Michael and Mrs. Patricia Arsenault Dr. Ellen K. Athens and Mr. Thomas D. Lasky Bert and Carol Bez Mr. Kenneth J. Foot and Kristine E. Bobish D.O. Mr. and Mrs. Vence L. Bonham Jr. Deborah A. Booth-Czop D.O. and Walter J. Czop Dr. Ronald H. Bradley Drs. Gerard Breitzer and Susan Frank Michael G. Burry D.O. and Mrs. Tina M. Burry Kimberly S. Camp Dr. and Mrs. John R. Carney Dr. Roxana Chapman Drs. J. Michael Connor and Sandra M. Cifor Carmella L. DAddezio D.O. Dr. and Mrs. Eric Deal Randall L. DeArment D.O. and Nancy A. DeArment Dr. and Mrs. John DeSantis Dr. and Mrs. J. Quen Dickey Lori Dillard D.O. and Mr. Robert Dillard Julie K. Dixon D.O. David L. Dora D.O. Steven J. Dupuis D.O. and Rick A. Melahn Dr. and Mrs. Richard Elsesser Dr. Margaret Fankhauser and Willie F. Longshore Dr. Patrick M. Flaherty Drs. Jared W. Flood and Kathy M. Jackson Dr. Brenda Fortunate and Mr. Edward White Dr. William Fowler and Mrs. Marie J. Fowler Susan Reece Freel Dr. Tressa Gardner Kristin Gaumer D.O. Dr. Janet M. Gibson Dr. Craig S. Glines and Mrs. Lisa Blanzy-Glines Mary Goldman D.O. and Jerome Goldman John and Marjorie Goodridge Gerald G. Osborn D.O. and Sue E. Granger Patricia Grauer Dr. and Mrs. William Grimsley Joanne M. Grzeszak D.O. Mark and Amy Gugel Dr. Celia B. Guro and Mr. Igor Guro Terry and Linda Hagan Steven and Merle Heidemann Robert A. Henry D.O. Harry Hernandez D.O. Brent and Tenley Himes Edward N. Hodges III J.D. Mrs. Carol D. Holm Lon and Carolyn Hoover Dr. Kari and Mr. Patrick Hortos Stewart and Sharon Jones Judith A. Joslin-Page D.O. and David J. Page Dr. and Mrs. Ravidranath Kambhampati Dr. Julius Kato and Mrs. Jill Kato Dr. and Mrs. Howard Kerwin Dr. John M. and Jan K. Ketner Dr. Sameera T. Khan and Mr. Tahir Khan Mr. Hugh and Dr. Carolann Kinner Dr. Steven R. Klein Dr. Adelaide Koestner Dr. and Mrs. Frank Komara Mark and Christine Kopel Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Kotch Dr. and Mrs. Chad M. Kovala Janet K. Kulich Roman Kulich Linda L. Kurtz D.O. James Learner D.O. Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Lim Tommy G. Lindsey II D.O. F.A.C.O.S. and Jeri Ann Lindsey Grant J. Linnell D.O. Dr. Mary Mark Louder and Mr. Andrew Louder Jed Magen D.O. M.S. and Carol Barrett Ph.D. Barbara Ball-McClure and Chris McClure Andrew E. Mendians D.O. and Kerry Mendians Dr. John Meulendyk Jean Mill George Artzberger D.O. and Jo Ann Mitchell D.O. Dr. Laura Mohr Dr. Tom Mohr Robert N. Montry Dr. and Mrs. Reza Nassiri David Neff D.O. and Elizabeth Holmes Dr. and Mrs. Anthony F. Ognjan D.O. Christian Orlic Ralph F. Otten D.O. and Ethel Otten Drs. William H. and Wendy E. Page-Echols Perrin and Anita Parkhurst Holly Patenge Dr. James Patenge David A. Simpson and Anne M. Pawlak Dr. Evangelos A. Petropoulos Dr. and Mrs. William W. Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Pirch Paul and Mary Ponstein Drs. George and Marilyn Pramstaller Dr. Joseph and Deborah Pysh John E. Ratliff D.O. Craig and Theresa Reynolds Myral R. Robbins D.O. and Gerald F. Robbins D.O. Dr. Roy M. Rosen Dr. Barbara Ross-Lee and Mr. Edmond Beverly Dr. Leonard C. Salvia and Mrs. Sandra M. Salvia Dr. and Mrs. Frederick C. Schreiber Arthur and Cindy Schurgin David Sciamanna D.O. and Mary May-Sciamanna R. Taylor Scott D.O. and Marci K. Scott Ph.D. Susan Sevensma D.O. Dr. Michael and Tracy Sheehy Dr. Michael D. Simms and Ms. Sandra Smith Elaine C. Smith D.O. Dr. and Mrs. Donald F. Stanton Dr. and Mrs. James S. Stepanski Christopher and Rebecca Surian David Susser D.O. Joyce and Marvin Tanner Terrie E. Taylor D.O. Mary and Craig Thiel Karl J. Emerick D.O. and Cynthia M. Trosin D.O. Todd G. Hickox D.O. and Carmen R.Ventocilla M.D. Eric T. Walchak D.O. Dr. Howard Teitelbaum and Jane Ann Waldron Dr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Walkiewicz Ralph T. Walsh Ph.D. D.O. Dr. Charles W. Wang Jayne H. Ward D.O. Joseph T. Watkins D.O. and Linda Watkins Lynne C. Weaver Sunita Yedavally D.O. Dr. Michael Zakem Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Zazaian Dr. and Mrs. Daryl Zelenak LINDA E. LANDON SOCIETY PLANNED GIFTS Leslie Behm Patricia B. Greenman Justin E. Grill D.O. and Carrie A. Grill Drs. Mark and Toula Guilfoyle Glen Hatcher Jr. D.O. Dr. Michael and Susan Henderson Kenyon S. Kendall D.O. Ms. Sandy Kilbourn and Dr. Gary DiStefano Dr. David Kenyon MacIntosh and Dr. Lorah Wright MacIntosh Ruth Magen Ronald J. Markert Ph.D. Sam H. Miller and Kay M. Miller Dr. Carol Monson Trustee Barbara J. Sawyer-Koch and Professor Donald F. Koch Dr. Michael and Nena Sikorsky Dr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Slajus Dr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Walkiewicz Gary L. Willyerd D.O. DONORS TO THE COLLEGE OF OSTEOPATHIC MEDICINE ORGANIZATIONS Advocates for the Michigan Osteopathic Assn. 22 COMMUNIQU SUMMER 2016 HONOR ROLL