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SUMMER 2016 COMMUNIQU 21 2015 Honor Roll Donors to MSUCOM for January 1 2015 to December 31 2015 Thanks to the many individuals and organizations who supported MSUCOM during the 2015 calendar year. Your contributions will help keep our college a strong and vital place and are supporting future osteopathic physicians. This support is critical as we move into the third year of Empower Extraordinary the MSU capital campaign. Theyll enable us to expand and build on the important work our faculty are doing in the lab and the classroom theyll give talented and deserving students access to scholarships and provide funds to meet the worlds most important medical challenges. FRANK S. KEDZIE SOCIETY 1 MILLION TO 4999999 Carol L. Monson D.O. Thomas W. Morris and Kathleen MacArthur Morris ROBERT S. SHAW SOCIETY 500000 TO 999999 Leslie Behm Patricia B. Greenman Dr. Michael and Susan Henderson Dr. Stefan H. Kobiljak Jr. Ruth Magen THEOPHILUS C. ABBOT SOCIETY 250000 TO 499999 Drs. Mark Toula Guilfoyle Anastasia Dorothea Guilfoyle Gail and Barbara Riegle JONATHAN L. SNYDER SOCIETY 100000 TO 249999 Mrs. Kay J. Boggs Neil J. Farkas D.O. Glen Hatcher Jr. D.O. James and Diana Huckle Kristine Jacobs Dr. David Kenyon MacIntosh and Dr. Lorah Wright MacIntosh Dr. Stanley and Eileen Miller Ken and Barry Moore Michael and Gloria Morison Robert G. G. Piccinini D.O. dFACN Drs. Nadine and Kenneth Richter Dr. and Mrs. Michael Shelden Dr. Robert L. and Shelley A. Snyder William D. Strampel D.O. and Mrs. Leona J. Strampel Robert C. Ward D.O. and Helen E. Ward Gary L. Willyerd D.O. Jason and Danica Woolley JOHN A. HANNAH SOCIETY 50000 TO 99999 Dr. and Mrs. William Athens Jr. Angie Athens Dr. Archie and Mrs. Patricia Attarian Henry and Deborah Beckmeyer Evan and Nancy Brumm Boote Ethel D. Brody Dorothy E. Carnegie Shillinglaw Jon and Julie Cooper Dr. Marylee Davis Dr. Lisa DeStefano and Mr. Keith Owen Anthony G. Fabaz D.O. Dr. William M. Falls Vera M. Gerhardt Dr. and Mrs. Walid H. Ghurabi Robert J. Gordon D.O. and Lori S. Roberts-Gordon Dr. Mike and Marta Greenslait Donald and Phyllis Harden John N. Harker D.O. Dr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Haywood Al and Ewa Juocys Drs. David and Laurie Kaufman Ms. Sandy Kilbourn and Dr. Gary DiStefano Anthony P. Kozma D.O. Dr. and Mrs. Richard and Robin Kustasz David Lebenbom and Elaine Lebenbom Dr. and Mrs. Paul C. Linnell Gregory and Gail Marcoe Ronald J. Markert Ph.D. The Family of Dr. Larry Masumy Dr. Timothy and Catherine McKenna Dr. Eugene and Mrs. Elena Oliveri Mary Patenge Dean Peyton D.O. and Jane Peyton Donald and Jo Ann Sefcik Dr. Michael and Nena Sikorsky Dr. Martin R. Stytz Dr. Stephen Swetech and Grozda Swetech Mary Jo K. Voelpel D.O. F.A.C.O.I. and Lawrence William Voelpel Jo Ann von Steeg Dr. Peter Walsh Bruce A. and Nancy W. Weber D.O. Dr. Kay E. White BEAUMONT TOWER SOCIETY 25000 TO 49999 Dr. Andrea Amalfitano and Family Dr. and Mrs. Michael Andary William G. Anderson D.O. Nancy J. Angott John E. Bodell D.O. Janet M. Bodell Drs. David and Diane Boes Mrs. Jerusha H. Bonham Eugene and Michele Conte Douglas and Sandra Cron Drs. Mark and Marion Cummimgs Dr. William and Norine Cunningham Barry and Jill Dehlin Dr. James H. Deering and Dr. Jodi S. Flanders Dr. Atis K. Freimanis Dr. Harold M. and Karen L. Friedman Deborah L. Froehlich Joseph A. Glaser Lori Gorbis and Sherman Gorbis D.O. F.A.A.O. Dr. John L. Goudreau D.O. Ph.D. Dr. and Mrs. Oliver W. Hayes III Drs. Dan and Mary Hunt Dr. Thomas A. Kelly and Susan K. Codere Catherine A. Kerschen D.O. Dr. Gene E. and Rebecca J. Kielhorn Dr. Margaret Knapp Drs. Annette and Paul LaCasse Melba and Jon Lacey Gregory and Debra Landis Lisa and Hannan Lis Dr. David and Linda Luginbill Dr. and Mrs. Craig Magnatta Dr. Robert Martin and Dr. Alexis Yovan Dr. Michael and Cynthia Maser Drs. Lynn and Thom McCurdy Dr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Miller Suresh K. Mukherji M.D. MBA FACR and Rita P. Patel M.D. MPH FAAP Dr. and Mrs. Devchand Paul Dr. Tom and Mary Olen Dr. Gary and Mrs. Therese Pilchak Dr. and Mrs. James J. Rechtien Dr. Kathy and Mr. George Rollinger Theresa A. Ross Steven F. Shelden D.O. and Reema Sehgal Dr. Shirley Siew Mark E. Sikorski D.O. Dr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Slajus John and Trena Thornburg Thomas and Joy Thrun Dr. Robert and Rhonda Tubben SUMMER 2016 COMMUNIQU 21 HONOR ROLL