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20 COMMUNIQU SUMMER 2016 ALUMNI THE BALANCE OF ART AND SCIENCE Gene Kielhorn Theres no doubt that technology often enhances the science of medicine better faster tests higher resolution and functional imaging automated record-writing and retrieval enriched databases and diagnostic algorithms. But Id say that technology also has damaged the art of medicine the ability to really connect with our patients and identify the attributes of health that cant be measured by machines hope and despair positive and negative attitudes health habits beliefs and relationships. Since medicine is an art and not simply science its vitally important for patient care that clinicians make eye contact be proactive about connecting with our patients during visits and lay on hands which as we all know is a primary way of connecting emotionally. As osteopathic physicians this has been a cornerstone of our profession but one that has rapidly begun to be lost as we move further into technology. As teachers and mentors for young physicians coming out of school and into residencies we need to remain mindful of the art of medicine and teach it as part of our discipline. We need to practice it model it advocate for it and sustain it so that medicine does not become a factory assembly line staffed by robots immune to the humanity of our patients. Gene Kielhorn80 is board-certied in family practice and started a private practice in Brooklyn Michigan in 1982 it has grown to include three physicians and about 5000 patients. He is on staff at Henry Ford Allegiance Health Jackson and St. Joseph Mercy Chelsea. He has been married to Rebecca since 1977 and they have four grown sons and ve grandchildren so far. Gene Kielhorn D.O. Class of 1980 MSUCOM Alumni Committee President Please keep us informed of recent moves or changes in your practice. It is important for college reports grant writing etc. that we have up-to-date information on our alumni. Changes to your information can be made on the MSUCOM website under the alumni section or by calling 877 853-3448. MSUCOM Alumni Ofce 965 Fee Road Room A310 East Lansing MI 48824 517 432-4979 or toll free 877 853-3448 email WHERE ARE YOU TWO HUNDRED CROWD MAOFP RECEPTION More than 200 persons alumni and their families attended MSUCOMs reception Jan. 23 at the Michigan Association of Osteopathic Family Physicians meeting at Shanty Creek Bellaire. The Mid-Winter Family Medicine Update featured CME and ski opportunities and the reception was highlighted with the telecast of the MSU mens basketball victory over Maryland.