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COMMUNIQU COMMUNIQU Volume 44 Issue 2 Copyright 2016 Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine Published three times per year by the Office of Public Relations East Fee Hall 965 Fee Road Room A306 East Lansing MI 48824 To contact Public Relations 517-353-0616 MANAGING EDITOR Laura Probyn EDITOR Pat Grauer DESIGN Ann Cook PHOTOGRAPHY Ann Cook Jim Hastings Eddie Torres Paula Walker CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Gene Kielhorn D.O. Kristopher Thomas Nicholoff Meg Spenchian EDITORIAL ASSISTANCE Beth Courey Katie Donnelly Sandy Kilbourn Giving thanks Its not just for November We typically focus our attention and talk about gratitude in late November but with several major changes underway within the college now seemed to me like a good time to express my thanks in a number of arenas. This time of the year its easy for me to see the enormous undertaking of our Student Services team. I recently welcomed the Class of 2020 during convocation and shook hands with members of the Class of 2016 during graduation ceremonies. The admissions unit the registrars ofce the academic counselors the personal counselors and the student schedulers perform amazing feats to prepare 300 students to move into residency while preparing to welcome another 300. In the span of time between the beginnings of these classes respective medical school careers weve begun navigating the transition to a unied graduate medical education system expanded our technological capabilities to permit computer- based testing and electronic admissions and instituted a new interview process. None of these advancements would have taken place without diligent attention from faculty and staff associated with the Statewide Campus System Academic Programs and the Health Information Team. Its also appropriate for me to express my thanks to the numerous individuals and organizations who support the college as donors. This issue of Communiqu includes the honor roll of those who have helped us create or continue endowments offer programs enable research and build on our strengths for the future. At the individual level I would like to express my gratitude to two women who have shared their enormous talents with the college. My ofces business analyst Colleen Kniffen and our longtime PR pro Pat Grauer are taking well-earned retirements after making considerable contributions to MSU and MSUCOM. You can read more about both of their careers with us on page 13. Please dont read this as a comprehensive thank-you list or that a lack of mention equals a lack of appreciation. There are many other faculty and staff members students alumni colleagues and others who cross my path and whose efforts are greatly appreciated but because Im limited to one page I cant personally thank in this space. Ill do what I can to recognize them in other places at other times. Thanks for your time in reading this Dean William Strampel