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SUMMER 2016 COMMUNIQU 17 Office of Continuing Medical Education Barbara Briner USING THE HEAD TO HEAL by Pat Grauer Discontented with the practice of what she calls decapitated osteopathy Barbara Briner has dedicated her instruction to enhancing the scope rening the techniques and promoting the use of osteopathic cranial manipulation. A clinical professor of osteopathic manipulative medicine she has been teaching at MSUCOM since 1982 particularly in continuing medical education courses. The focus of the treatment is to allow cranial motion to occur said Briner. With traumatic brain injury from sports falls accidents or microtrauma the recovery time is shorter and improvement better with the use of cranial. It can alleviate headaches pain and vertigo. She teaches three courses each four-and-a-half days each year in East Lansing. Craniosacral Techniques Part I which covers classic material provides a solid anatomical and physiological foundation for the use of the techniques. Part II is a review of Part I with specialized techniques for the diagnosis and treatment of the sacrum diaphragm face and temporomandibular joint syndrome. Part III is all my own development subtleties I learned from the old D.O.s said Briner. It involves tuning with craniosacral motion throughout the body. Until the major vector of injury is neutralized there will always be recurring symptoms because the body will align to the vector. You can sense occupational patterns in people through the fascial linkages she said for example the listening pose of a therapist or patterns of people who use keyboards or play sports. Her pedigree is impressive she has worked alongside giants Philip E. Greenman Paul Kimberly Viola Frymann Fred Mitchell and John Upledger. Kimberly had studied with William G. Sutherland among the rst osteopathic physicians to recognize the usefulness of cranial manual medicine and part of Andrew Taylor Stills inner circle. Principles of Manual Medicine is a prerequisite for the other three courses. Part I will be held January 20-24 2017 Part II Sept. 30-Oct. 6 2016 and Sept. 22-26 2017 and Part III June 24-28 2016. Upcoming CME Programs MSUCOM SUMMER CLINICAL SYMPOSIUM June 24-26 2016 West Bay Beach Resort Traverse City Michigan 15 credits of Category 1-A CRANIOSACRAL TECHNIQUES PART III June 24 - 28 2016 East Lansing Michigan 35 credits of Category 1-A INTEGRATED NEUROMUSCULAR and MYOFASCIAL RELEASE September 9 - 11 2016 East Lansing Michigan 19 credits of Category 1-A CRANIOSACRAL TECHNIQUES PART II September 30 - October 4 2016 East Lansing Michigan 35 credits of Category 1-A MSUCOM FALL KALEIDOSCOPE October 7 2016 University Club of MSU Lansing Michigan 8 credits of Category 1-A EXERCISE PRESCRIPTION AS A COMPLEMENT TO MANUAL MEDICINE October 21 - 24 2016 East Lansing Michigan 26.5 credits of Category 1-A ADVANCED MUSCLE ENERGY WITH CLINICAL CORRELATIONS November 4 - 8 2016 East Lansing Michigan 34 credits of Category 1-A PRINCIPLES OF MANUAL MEDICINE December 2 - 5 2016 East Lansing Michigan 28 credits of Category 1-A ALSO AVAILABLE CME ONLINE Up to 56 1-B Credits For details and additional programs COM.MSU.EDUCME Barbara Briner has one of the most rened approaches to cranial manipulation in the nation. CME