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16 COMMUNIQU SUMMER 2016 MOAMICHIGAN OSTEOPATHIC ASSOCIATION Continue MOAs legacy of giving by Kristopher Thomas Nicholoff CEO and executive director Michigan Osteopathic Association The connection between the Michigan Osteopathic Association and the Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine continues to run deep. Many of MOAs leadership roles are lled by MSUCOM alumni who have fond memories of their time on campus. On the other end of the spectrum our energetic group of Student Liaisons have participated in MOA events in record numbers. My vantage point allows me the opportunity to interact with a wide variety of osteopathic physicians current past and future and learn the values our association provides. One particular value is legislative advocacy. For more than 30 years I have worked in legislative advocacy and never in that time have I seen more connection between physicians and the issues that shape their profession. Whether it is the urgency of the issues a heightened awareness or with the Internet the ease of access to information I see more young people concerned with the legislative and social issues physicians are facing. Last year the MOA put its support behind Senate Bill 150. The bill commonly referred to as the Med Synchronization Bill allows patients to work with their physicians and pharmacists to synchronize their multiple prescriptions each month. That bill was signed into law in March 2016. I was able to attend the bill signing ceremony and I was honored to be joined by MOA Student Trustee Duncan McGuire. As the governor signed the bill I looked over to see a future physician who is embracing the issues that will shape his profession. Afterward I asked Duncan what he took away from the event. He said Being a part of the ceremony was a reminder that physicians have a responsibility to shape health care in their communities. Its very gratifying to see that when our voices are heard we can achieve positive results. I smiled to myself knowing the connection still runs deep. The future of physicians is in great hands. BIG FISH BIG FUN MSUCOMers reel-y connected at the Big Fish in Dearborn on May 12 hooked on good company Spartan cookies and appetizers. The event sponsored by MSUCOMs Alumni Committee attracted nearly 225 people including alumni faculty students staff and friends. It was held at the conclusion of the Michigan Osteopathic Association House of Delegates meeting at the annual spring convention. MOA The full spectrum of MSUCOM classes were present at the Big Fish reception. They greeted old friends and made new ones gnoshed coconut shrimp and Spartan cookies and basked in the green glow of Spartans Will.