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14 COMMUNIQU SUMMER 2016 STUDENTS C L A S S O F 2 0 1 6 G R A D U A T I O N Clothed for the future By Pat Grauer Surrounding Dean William Strampel are nine MSUCOM graduating students who were commissioned in the armed forces left to right Navy David Ulery Lauren Pitters James Gallagher Andrew Medenbach Jacob Waldron and Chantal Bhan Air Force Kyle D. Harris Army Janee Mestrovich and Brandon Schornack. Its a day full of pomp and circumstance and a bit of magic a short walk across a stage and a bit of cloth transforming a hard-working student into a full physician an event that occurred 294 times at MSUs Breslin Center on May 5. It was MSUCOMs 43rd spring hooding ceremonies. After processions by the faculty students and platform party accompanied by the Lansing Concert Band and cheers from friends and family Dean William D. Strampel introduced distinguished guests and the keynote speaker Wolfgang G. Gilliar dean of the New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine. Gilliar said In Western medicine our rst goalcoming from the ancient Greeksis to do no harm. The Chinese have an even more ancient saying Nature takes care of the cure the medicine amuses the patient.Your training as an osteopathic physician brings these two cultures together. You have access to every tool that modern medicine has to offerand you have that one additional tool the ability to use your hands in a way that lets nature restore a person to health. Michigan Osteopathic Association President and MSUCOM alumnus Robert G.G. Piccinini reminded the new physicians that though they will grow in independence and self-assurance . . . there is one aspect of your professional lives which will always be dictated by regulatory bodies . . . I learned as a member of MOA I had a voice . . . and a chance to direct the course of the association and my profession. Bo Pang president of the Class of 2016 shared the lessons she had learned about being a physician humility camaraderie and resilience. Pang urged her classmates to be instigators of change and to make sure that these changes are for the better . . . push for change that fosters collaboration respect and lifelong learning. Hooding was done by both faculty and family members and after the conferral of degrees each candidate was announced by Associate Dean for Student Services William M. Falls before he or she crossed the stage. All graduates and other D.O.s then recited the osteopathic oath led by Class Vice Presidents Andrew R. Ames Dana W. Burandt and Sylvia Michelle Hamara. Seven graduates were part of MSUCOMs DO-PhD Program Paul Anthony Beach Emilia Cristine Bof My-Trang Thi Dang Hae-Young Hawong Igor O. Korolev Dionisia Marie Quiroga and Chu-Yin Yeh. Strampel concluded the ceremonies with three precepts for healthy living Never make an act of omission an act of commission admit your mistakes. There are no unimportant people guard against allowing yourself to judge others. Finally all knowledge is relative being lled with great information about medicine remember that there are many things you know absolutely nothing about. Among the Class of 2016 are top Andrew Ames Jessica Krol Kelsey Kerton Michael Brenner Matthew Tornga and bottom Maddi Massa Dana Burandt Sylvia Hamara Bo Pang class president Andrea Bell and Allyson Barker. Many were hooded by family members including anc Vincent Cracolici M.D. with Marielle Kulling father Pedro Vargas J.D. with Alvin Vargas Samer Shaja with mother Najwa Shaja D.D.S. and Steven Van Rees with sister-in-law Ashley Van Rees D.P.T. Getting ready for the hooding ceremonies were Kyle Harris Craig Swanson Adeel Amir Michael Allen David Ulery Linsey Gilbert Allison Dillon Kellen Hipp Maddi Massa Darci Evans-Tracey Patrick Brown Carliegh Zahn Lauren Vocke and Kyle McDonald.