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8 COMMUNIQU SUMMER 20168 COMMUNIQU SUMMER 2016 By Pat Grauer A trendsetter in the American Osteopathic Association a faculty member with 35 years of leadership and an alumnus who has given extraordinary service to MSUCOM all have received the Walter F. Patenge Medal of Public Service the colleges highest honor. The awards were made on May 9 at MSUs Kellogg Hotel Conference Center. Former American Osteopathic Association Executive Director John B. Crosby Professor Emeritus James J. Rechtien and alumnus and anesthesiologist Robert L. Snyder received the 2016 awards which were named for the Lansing industrialist who was the rst president of the Michigan Osteopathic Medicine Advisory Board. JOHN B. CROSBY Executive director of the AOA for 16 years John Crosby led the organization through an era of signicant change and growth in the osteopathic profession. Under his guidance they were able to provide assistance to struggling osteopathic state and specialty organizations implement periodic unied OMED conferences create the Osteopathic International Alliance to foster discussions among practitioners worldwide conduct the Campaign for Osteopathic Unity to make D.O. a household word in the U.S. and design the branding initiative to establish AOA as the osteopathic professional family. The profession grew to more than 100000 D.O.s and students and gained unlimited practice rights in more than 60 countries globally. He was cited for his steady hand on the helm his vision of excellence and ability to implement it his leadership of staff and his partnership with the profession. Patenge Medals honor three lifetimes of service Celebrating the service and achievement of 2016 Patenge medalists were Dean William D. Strampel winners Robert L. Snyder James J. Rechtien John B. Crosby and family member James W. Patenge. JAMES J. RECHTIEN Rechtien was doing research at Argonne National Laboratory when he decided to become a D.O. After family practice in Rogers City Michigan he came to MSUCOMs Department of Biomechanics in 1980 and took a residency in physical medicine and rehabilitation in 1983. He had appointments in seven departments often simultaneously and chaired four of them Anatomy Biomechanics Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine. His research was signicant and included topics as far-ranging as the internal friction of neptunium renal hemodynamics and MRI studies of carpal tunnel disorders. He was cited for his willing spirit extraordinary adaptability extensive knowledge and excellence in classroom clinic and laboratory. ROBERT LEE SNYDER Robert Snyder has been a linchpin of excellent medical care at the center of Michigans Mitten. Born in Midland he returned there after completing his D.O. at MSUCOM to practice as an anesthesiologist and to become a driving force for enhanced health care in the region. An MSUCOM clinical assistant professor of osteopathic surgical specialties and now serving as an instructor for two courses Dr. Snyder has been active in teaching his entire career. He served as a board member of both MSUCOMs and MSUs alumni associations and of the Michigan Osteopathic College Foundation. He and his wife Shelley are members of the Jonathan L. Snyder Society individuals who have given between 100000 and 249999 to MSU. He was cited for his leadership his demonstrated commitment to improving the health of his community and his signicant service to MSUCOM and Michigan State University. AWARDS 8 COMMUNIQU SUMMER 2016