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2 COMMUNIQU SUMMER 2015 FEATURES by Laura Probyn The MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine doesnt exist to churn out only one type of doctor and doesnt open its doors to any singular student. Applicants who come here from M.P.H. programs represent many elds and walks of life and they go on to apply the osteopathic philosophy of whole-patient care on a community level. Those who take different paths to earn both degrees learn about themselves and the world of possibilities that each can offer. Sara Swanton COMPLETES AN EXERCISE IN DISCOVERY Sara Swanton a member of the MSUCOM Class of 2015 from Saginaw completed her undergraduate degree at Alma College and had friends pointing her toward allopathic medical schools before she moved into a masters of public health and physical activity at the University of South Carolina. I was originally going for a masters degree in exercise physiology but when I got into my rst series of classes I found it was more academic not clinical she says I was fortunate that the University of South Carolina had a unique program a masters in public health and physical activity. With the thought Id be going to medical school thats the path I chose. While working on her M.P.H. she spent time researching medical schools and discovered that the osteopathic philosophy matched her interests and goals. Osteopathic medicine offers a bigger focus on the patient with a more holistic approach to medicine. The things I learned in my masters coupled with my background in exercise science made me realize the importance of healthy lifestyle choices in overall health. You cant just take a pill to achieve optimal health you also have to make good choices. Thats why the osteopathic approach has been really great for me. Swanton will enter a family medicine residency in Fayetteville North Carolina. After that she plans to practice family medicine while putting her public health skills to use. My ideal career would be where I see patients in a family practice setting about three days a week and use the other two days for community outreach and health education programming she says. My M.P.H. makes me uniquely qualied for this because it gave me experience in proposing executing and evaluating health promotion programming. I see myself continuing to work both avenues because I am proud of my public health degree and want to be able to use the knowledge and skills I gained from it to make a difference. Raysenia James A PERSONAL MISSION TO HEAL Sara Swanton second from left volunteers at Detroits Motor City Pride event. Swantons classmate Raysenia James an Arizona native and member of the Navajo Nation knew from the time she was a little girl that she was going to become a doctor to help people. It was a very personal and challenging mission especially since she would be the rst in her family to seek higher education to become a physician. My inspiration was my maternal grandmother who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer when I was six she says. Unfortunately she passed away months after being diagnosed. But her health care experience did not go unnoticed it ultimately made me want to help people specically American Indians. James completed both her undergraduate and M.P.H. degrees at the University of Arizona UA and she received both professional and personal guidance along her career path. Yvette Roubideaux M.D. M.P.H. the director of the Indian Health Service was on the UA faculty and was huge in my wanting to become more involved with public health James notes. She showed me that in order to provide quality medicine you have to understand whats going on at the community level. With my public health education I acquired the tools to HEALTH AND HEALING graduates with both D.O. and M.P.H. carry unique perspectives Raysenia James is entering a family medicine residency at the University of Arizona in Tucson