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24 COMMUNIQU SUMMER 2015 Dr. Steven R. Klein Dr. and Mrs. Frank Komara Mark and Christine Kopel Paul J. Kovack D.O. and Kelli D. Kovack Dr. and Mrs. Chad M. Kovala Barbara L. Kozlowski and Joseph S. Kozlowski D.O. Linda L. Kurtz D.O. Mary Ann LaMarre Gregory and Debra Landis Kevin J. Lang Frank F. Lanzilote D.O. James Learner D.O. Angela W. Lim D.O. Tommy G. Lindsey II D.O. F.A.C.O.S. and Jeri Ann Lindsey Grant J. Linnell D.O. Dr. David and Linda Luginbill Phoebe Mainster and Harris W. Mainster D.O. P.C. David T. Malicke D.O. and G. J. Malicke Amaar M. Malik D.O. David R. Mandy D.O. Dr. Michael and Cynthia Maser Charles W. and Constance L. McCallum J Justin McCormick Ph.D. Timothy A. McKnight D.O. Wayne C. Meech D.O. and Carol A. Meech David and Barbara Mendelson Andrew E. Mendians D.O. and Kerry Mendians Dr. John Meulendyk Bruce I. Millman D.O. Dr. Carol Monson Suresh K. Mukherji M.D. M.B.A. F.A.C.R. and Rita P. Patel M.D. M.P.H. F.A.A.P. Sara J. Myers-Dora D.O. and David L. Dora D.O. Dr. and Mrs. Reza Nassiri Dr. Joseph and Dr. Giuseppina Naughton Michael J. Neumann D.O. and Diane Neumann Peter T. Nock D.O. and Jeannine M. Nock James A. ONeill M.D. and Mikel M. ONeill Dr. and Mrs. Anthony F. Ognjan D.O. Dr. Eugene and Mrs. Elena Oliveri Drs. David M. and Kathleen Connell Peters Dr. and Mrs. William W. Phillips Joseph M. Pirch and Cecile M. Pirch Arnis Pone D.O. and Diana Pone Paul and Mary Ponstein Dr. E. James and Geri Potchen Dr. Joseph and Deborah Pysh John E. Ratliff D.O. Anne W. Reid and Dave Hurley Richard A. Reidy D.O. and Erin F. Reidy Drs. Nadine and Kenneth Richter Jody Rogers and Rosemary Rogers Joseph C. Rogers D.O. and Rosemary Rogers Dr. Roy M. Rosen Pamela J. Royston Frederick C. Schreiber D.O. and Linda A. Schreiber David Sciamanna D.O. and Mary May-Sciamanna R. Taylor Scott D.O. and Marci K. Scott Ph.D. Mary P. Scott and Fremont L. Scott III D.O. Rita A. Selke D.O. and Kristopher J. Selke Susan Sevensma D.O. Dr. Michael and Tracy Sheehy Sarah L. Shook D.O. Elaine C. Smith D.O. Dr. and Mrs. James S. Stepanski William D. Strampel D.O. and Mrs. Leona J. Strampel David Susser D.O. Mary and Craig Thiel John and Trena Thornburg Dr. Fred C. Janet E. Tinning Karl J. Emerick D.O. and Cynthia M. Trosin D.O. James D. Van Popering D.O. and Nancy J. Redenius Mary Jo K. Voelpel D.O. F.A.C.O.I. and Lawrence William Voelpel Kirsten L. Waarala D.O. and Tracey M. Sperry D.O. Dr. Howard Teitelbaum and Jane Ann Waldron Dr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Walkiewicz Jayne H. Ward D.O. Dr. Charles and Philippa Webb Gary L. Willyerd D.O. Dr. Michael Zakem Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Zazaian Dr. and Mrs. Daryl Zelenak 2014 DONORS OF 500 TO 999 Thabet R. Abbarah M.D. Glen N. Ackerman M.D. and Margaret A. Thomas-Ackerman Monroe H. Adams D.O. and Linda S. Adams Frank L. Anderson D.O. Dr. Ellen K. Athens and Mr. Thomas D. Lasky Louise G. Athens and Paul Athens Michael E. Barnes D.O. and Karen D. Barnes John C. Baumann D.O. and Sally T. Baumann Joan C. Best Craig H. Bethune D.O. and Mary Kay Bethune Laurel L. Blasi Drs. David and Diane Boes Crista K. Broutin D.O. and Steven E. Broutin Donna L. Brown D.O. Amelia Brumm and Lynn F. Brumm D.O. Michael G. Burry D.O. and Mrs. Tina M. Burry William A. Bush D.O. and Diane M. Bush R.N. Evelyn L. Callen Dr. Edward and Cheryl Canfield Dr. Roxana Chapman Sourab P. Choudhury D.O. Gregory M. Cibor D.O. and Anne M. Cibor Gregory Q. Clague D.O. and Nancy E. Clague Michael P. Corrigan Dr. Marylee Davis Lauren E. Donatelli-Seyler D.O. and W. Clarke Seyler Jr. William G. Elliott D.O. and Raymond Wineblad Bart Q. Eng D.O. and Sachike Eng Dr. William M. Falls Ursula I. Ferguson D.O. and Scott W. Ferguson Dr. Brenda Fortunate and Mr. Edward White Jeffrey A. Frey D.O. Susan A. Gasparian and Stephen Bolerjack Eric D. Good D.O. Glenn A. Gradis D.O. and Donna W. Gradis Robert K. Gramenz D.O. and Carol J. Ramm-Gramenz Philip L. Gray Bryan J. Griffin D.O. Joanne M. Grzeszak D.O. Mark and Amy Gugel Drs. Mark Toula Guilfoyle Anastasia Dorothea Guilfoyle E. Aron L. Haass D.O. and Cristina A. Haass William B. Halacoglu D.O. Daniel P. Hearld D.O. and Teresa L. Wainscott Gregory J. Henk D.O. and Christine J. Henk William F. Jackson Ph.D. and Debra E. Jackson David P. Jankowski D.O. and Wendy S. Jankowski Robert M. Johnson D.O. and Mary A. Johnson Kathryn S. Jones and Mark W. Jones D.O. Robert S. Juhasz D.O. Corinne L. Kage and Larry E. Kage D.O. Ronald J. Kalchik D.O. Michael Kelly D.O. and Beth Kelly Dr. Sameera T. Khan and Mr. Tahir Khan Benedict Y. Kim D.O. Colleen K. Kniffen Matthew L. Kuiper D.O. Brien R. Lang Lorie J. Lang and James C. Lang D.O. Judy A. Lazzaro and James H. McQuiston D.O. Jodey S. Leser Christina Lindell M.D. Dr. and Mrs. Paul C. Linnell Edward A. Loniewski Sr. D.O. and Mary J. Loniewski Dr. Mary Mark Louder and Mr. Andrew Louder Dr. David Kenyon MacIntosh and Dr. Lorah Wright MacIntosh Gary L. Marsiglia D.O. and Dorothy J. Marsiglia Kalil M. Masri D.O. and Sonia Masri Lynn McCurdy D.O. and Thomas McCurdy D.O. Ronald L. Meisel D.O. and Denise Meisel Saroj Misra D.O. and Brandy Misra Megha Mohey M.D. and Gurpreet Singh D.O. Dominic D. Monterosso D.O. William R. Morrone D.O. Dr. Colletta H. Moser Gregor A. Niederhauser D.O. and May-Eileen A. Niederhauser D.O. HONOR ROLL 24 COMMUNIQU SUMMER 2015