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20 COMMUNIQU SUMMER 2015 MORE THAN 200 ATTEND ALUMNI RECEPTION AT MAOFP More than 200 people alumni and their families attended MSUCOMs reception on Jan. 24 in conjunction with the Michigan Association of Osteopathic Family Physicians 2015 Mid-Winter Family Medicine Update at Shanty Creek Resort in Bellaire. ADAPTING TO CHANGE WITH MSUCOM TO ENSURE THE PROFESSIONS FUTURE Stephen Swetech Medical practice which used to be simply the partnership of a doctor and patient seeking health together has become a confusing array of acronyms regulations codes record-keeping reimbursement cultural issues and politics. Add to that the rapid growth in the medical knowledge base technology upgrades enhancements and advancements and acceleration its very difcult for us physicians especially family physicians to keep up. The practice of medicine is like Michigans weatherturn your head and its changed If we work as physician-employees we reap the benet of efciency in systems to deal with the changes but we lose the ability to set our practice pace and goals both of which can impact our relationships with our patients. If on the other hand we practice independently we can determine what we do and when and how we do it but we carry the burden of managing all the details in our ofces. My authoritative opinion is based on both employed and solo venues. Trust me I know. Fortunately for MSUCOM alumni and associated physicians as a whole our college is consistently on the cutting edge of medical knowledge and education by virtue of our Big 10 university afliation. Our college strives for excellence and attempts to disseminate this crucial data to our physicians especially through our unique Statewide Campus System. Proudly MSUCOM continues to be ranked in the top ten percent of all medical colleges teaching primary care. MSUCOM has been working hard to develop education that is responsive to the new practice environment. In addition to the nuts and bolts of physiology and pathology our students are learning professionalism ethics cultural sensitivity and practice management. Theyre learning skills to keep themselves healthy and resilient and light-footed in the face of rapid change. Theyre learning to maximize the effectiveness of their communication and their relationships with patients even if the time together is short. I can speak authoritatively on this matter too having my daughter Maria in her second year at MSUCOM and my son Jonathan a family medicine resident at McLaren Macomb. Our osteopathic medical students are the future of our profession and they deserve the support encouragement and mentoring of our alumni. Think about what you can do to help whether its to volunteer your time as a clinical faculty member recruit good candidates for admission advocate for the profession and the college or contribute to MSUCOMs Capital Campaign. Keep good connections with your college and other alumni whether through Silverfest the Osteopathic Open or MSUCOMs publications Facebook LinkedIn or Twitter. As always in closing I ask that you support your college in word thought and deed because it continues to ensure you have worldwide practice rights. Consider rewarding your college with an endowed scholarship to cement your commitment to continue the tradition of osteopathic excellence. Realize that your profession has given you the tools to be successful professionally socially and nancially. MSUCOM has been good to you and now its time to give back to our institution which has given so much to us. Please contact Chris Surian director of development 517355-8355 christopher.surian MSUCOM needs your support. Lets not let down the future of osteopathic medicine. Stephen M. Swetech D.O. Class of 1986 MSUCOM Alumni Association President ALUMNI