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SUMMER 2015 COMMUNIQU 19 M S U C O M A L U M N I N E T W O R K M S U C O M A L U M N I Upcoming Events To ensure that email from MSUCOM is reaching you please take a minute to congure your system so that it lands in your primary mailbox. Dont miss important information from us that might get trapped in your spam or promotions folders Also its really important to us that you update your info if you move change phone numbers etc. Thank you Participants for the Healthy Lifestyle and Preventive Care CME seminar gathered for dinner hosted on the beach by Dean Strampel. Seventy-ve people gathered in Cabo San Lucas Mexico this year for the annual program. HEALTHY LIFESTYLE AND PREVENTIVE CARE SEMINAR DRAWS 75 Seventy-ve alumni and family travelled to Cabo San Lucas Mexico for the annual seminar on Healthy Lifestyle and Preventive Care. Participants gathered together one evening for a dinner on the beach hosted by Dean William Strampel. In addition to the 20-hour continuing medical education course the participants enjoyed a wide variety of cuisine fantastic natural vistas watersports golf whale- watching swimming with sharks shing and culture. Featured speakers from the program included Dean Strampel and alumni Andrea Amaltano 90 Erica Austin 08 Michael Brennan 06 Christopher Glisson 02 Chad Kovala 09 and Jayne Ward 96. June 12 MSUCOM Convocation East Lansing Mich. July 30 - Aug. 2 MAOFP Summer Update for Family Physicians Acme Mich. Sept. 11-12 Silverfest CME golf tailgate football East Lansing Mich. Sept. 30 Oct. 4 ACOI Convention Tampa Fla. Oct. 17-21 OMED Annual Convention Orlando Fla. SUMMER 2015 COMMUNIQU 19 HELP US KEEP THE GOOD NEWS COMING Eric Lamb Andrea Conti D.O. 89 Ardith Courtney D.O. Lucia Leone D.O. Laura Hershkowitz D.O. 92 Tracy Lixie D.O. 01 Paul Lixie Jaime Halverson D.O. 99 Jared Halverson Denise Clinton James Clinton D.O. 82 Kim Camp Robert Fabian Allison Fabian D.O. 07 Allison Edberg D.O. 06 Michael Brennan D.O. 06 Kate Brennan Arnold Ketels and Clarita Ketels D.O. 81