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16 COMMUNIQU SUMMER 2015 By Pat Grauer An internationally renowned scientist a U.S. senator an MSU leader and a distinguished osteopathic physician all received the Walter F. Patenge Medal of Public Service MSUCOMs highest honor at ceremonies on May 11 at MSUs Kellogg Hotel Conference Center. University Distinguished Professor Veronica M. Maher Sen. Carl Levin MSU trustee emeritus Faylene Owen and Botsford Hospital surgeon Earl T. Hecker received the 2015 awards named for the Lansing industrialist who was the rst president of the Michigan Osteopathic Medicine Advisory Board. Maher Ranked among the top ve percent of researchers funded by NIH across a quarter-century Maher has been cited as a passionate incisive committed and intelligent scientist. MSUCOMs associate dean for graduate study co-director of the Carcinogenesis Laboratory and director of the D.O.- Ph.D. program her research across the years was pivotal she rst demonstrated that mutagenic activity could account for carcinogenic activity rst published strong evidence that DNA damage from sunlight causes skin cancer and rst demonstrated that mutations associated with chemical carcinogens were caused by a DNA polymerase that could successfully replicate damaged DNA. Levin A staunch advocate for the countrys most vulnerable people Levin served six terms in the U.S. Senate from 1979 to his retirement in 2015 the longest-serving senator in Michigans history. He was chairman of the Senate Committee on Armed Services a group he joined as a freshman legislator. He also sat on the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs the Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship and the Select Committee on Intelligence. He was cited for his respected and clarion voice in the debate concerning complex arenas involving arms and foreign relations and for his leadership on the patients bill of rights stem cell research tax haven abuse gun control ethics and other sensitive social issues. Owen A consistent advocate for MSUCOM Owen recently completed an eight-year term as an MSU trustee during which she chaired nance and several other important committees. Appointed by President Clinton as a national member of the White House Fellows Commission she also served as the director of special projects for Michigan Gov. James Blanchard as executive director of the Governors Executive Corps and as a director of the Michigan State Fair. Recognized by the Jewish National Fund with its Tree of Life Award for her community service Owen has served as chairperson of the board of the Sparrow Health Services Foundation and of Child Abuse Prevention Services. Hecker A distinguished member of the medical staff at Botsford Hospital since 1971 and chief of surgery since 1986 Hecker has mentored thousands of students at all levels in surgery and critical care. A decorated member of the armed forces he gave a lifetime of service to our country beginning with enlisted service from 1956-58 and ending as a colonel in the U.S. Army Medical Corps on active duty in Landstuhl Germany in 2004 in Kosovo in 2006 again in Landstuhl in 2008 and in Heidelberg Germany in 2010-11. A member of MSUCOMs clinical faculty since 1977 Hecker is a fellow in the American College of Chest Physicians and a fellow in the International College of Surgeons. Four lifetimes of service recongnized by MSUCOM with Patenge Medals AWARDS Earl T. Hecker William Strampel Faylene Owen and Sister Sharon Holland accepting for Veronica Maher