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10 COMMUNIQU SUMMER 2015 STUDENTS C L A S S O F 2 0 1 5 G R A D U A T I O N Pomp and Circumstance and medicine By Laura Probyn Congratulations to the 14 individuals who received their military rank commissions on May 7 before donning caps and gowns to accept their D.O. degrees. Left to right are Ian James McDowell Philip C. Cushman III Caleb Scott James Paul Michael Dente Andrea L. Moore Cody W. Becksvoort Anteo Pashaj Giacomo Pierce Folden Powen Hsueh Daniel I. Joseph Wahl Sarah L. Reinhart James I. Gragg and Lilian Elli Ore. Nearly 300 people went from being MSUCOM students to D.O.s on May 7 during a hooding and commencement ceremony at the MSU Breslin Student Events Center. The Class of 2015 the faculty administrators and family members who hooded them and the evenings speakers and special dignitaries led into the arena as the Lansing Concert Band played the traditional graduation processional theme while their families and friends waved and cheered. Dean Strampel welcomed the assembly and introduced the commencement speaker Robert Juhasz D.O. president of the American Osteopathic Association and president of Cleveland Clinics South Pointe Hospital in Warrensville Heights Ohio. Juhasz noted that he began his year as the AOA president with MSUCOM students on their medical mission in Peru and he found it tting that he should once again be in their company. He reminded the students that they are entering the profession at a time of growth and change for osteopathic medicine and encouraged them to view opportunities for leadership as a privilege and not a burden. Michigan Osteopathic Association President and MSUCOM alumna Myral Robbins D.O. congratulated the students and reminisced on her own graduation. She noted that though they are graduating in a different time that they are united in service and in training that will serve them well into the future. Class of 2015 President A.J. Burandt told his classmates that he had been preparing for his speech for four years and he shared a list of his top 10 lessons from medical school. Among those lessons were that everyone has the ability to change the culture around them that its important to embrace the patient who changes you and that every person no matter what race religion or color is one heartbeat from eternity and that every heartbeat is a miracle. Associate Dean William Falls presented the graduates who crossed the stage individually to receive their diplomas. Particularly poignant was the posthumous presentation of her degree to the family of Stephanie M. Stanley who died late in her fourth year at MSUCOM. Three students received Ph.D. degrees in addition to their D.O. Youssef Ayoub Kousa biochemistry and molecular biology Steven P. Proper biochemistry and molecular biology and Tyrell J. Simkins neuroscience. Following the presentation of diplomas Strampel stood at the lectern to address the class one nal time. He congratulated them and shared his pride in their achievement and then left them with his three strategies for success never make an act of omission an act of commission remember that there are no unimportant people and all knowledge is relative. The hooding and commencement were preceded by the annual military commissioning ceremony during which 14 members of the class received their promotion in rank commissions. Happy for hooding are left to right Megan Marie DeShetler Deanna M. Jewell Gina C. Maki Anton Furman Rachel Margaret Punke Trevor Edward Crean Nithya Ravindran Krishna Meka Daniel K. Benson II and Alexander L. Marinica. These graduates and their hooders enjoyed a moment of fun before the commencement ceremony. Left to right are Ramon Roco M.D. Lorenzo Lim Marh H. Parsons M.D. Christopher Michael Koenig Mouhamed O. Shatila Ahmed O. Shatila M.D. Gregory T. Stremers J.D. Jacob Cody Stremers Raveen Chowla M.D. and Vilok G. Vijayanagar. Ready to recite the Osteopathic Oath are left to right Andrew J. Bosch Ryan T. Jones Sarah M. Myer David Elliott Maldonado Emily Beth Cordes Kathryn O. Das Gretchen Augustine Michael William Majetich Simone Addison Majetich and Linda G. Wang.