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Osteopathic medicine is for you What does it mean to be an osteopathic physician Doctors of osteopathic medicine D.O.s are fully licensed physicians just like their M.D. counterparts. They complete four years of medical school and a residency program that is linked to their specialization. D.O.s can be found practicing just about every medical specialty from pediatrics to geriatrics and neurology to sports medicine. D.O.s learn the osteopathic philosophy of looking at the whole person body mind and spirit and the persons whole life and lifestyle rather than just looking at his or her symptoms. They consider patients as partners in health care not just clients who need to be treated for something. A key part of every D.O.s education is learning manipulative medicine techniques. These techniques are used as part of treatment for a number of issues. If you have a passion for medicine a desire to use a holistic approach in caring for people and an interest in working with dynamic faculty members and peers the MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine would be a great place for you. Choose the place thats right for you The MSUCOM Detroit Medical Center site is located in the heart of a thriving metropolitan location and is surrounded by world-class health facilities. com.msu.eduStudentsResourcesDMC.htm Students who study in East Lansing have access to resources and facilities across the vast university campus. The MSUCOM site at Macomb University Center study in a vibrant learning atmosphere. com.msu.eduStudentsResourcesMacomb.htm