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Clerkship Program Requirements Third- and Fourth-Year Students The Clinical Clerkship curriculum is an 84-week program designed to educate and equip osteopathic physicians with skills necessary to enable them to enter primary care practice or pursue further graduate training related to a medical specialty. Students can complete their clerkship rotations in one of 23 base hospitals across Michigan. Required Rotations 48 Weeks Family Medicine 4 weeks Family Medicine Sub-Internship 4 weeks Internal Medicine In-Patient 4 weeks Internal Medicine Sub-Internship 4 weeks Emergency Medicine 4 weeks Internal Medicine Out-Patient 4 weeks Neurology 4 weeks Obstetrics Gynecology 4 weeks Surgery 4 weeks Anesthesiology 2 weeks Pediatrics 4 weeks Psychiatry 4 weeks Radiology 2 weeks Core Clinical Concepts 9 one-month modules The college has developed an innovative Core Clinical Concepts C3 program to teach medical students the clinical skills they will need to function in the 21st century. The C3 curriculum includes clinical education through student online self-preparation and classroom instruction at the students base hospital. This didactic curriculum includes symptom-based topics that can relate to multiple specialties.