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FALL 2015 COMMUNIQU 3 STAFF Staff Matters Jessica Bilodeau by Sarah Mancuso Jessica Bilodeau has served as the educational program coordinator for MSUCOM admissions for almost two years and since joining the team she has provided support and handled a wide variety of tasks. Bilodeau was drawn to the event planning opportunities in outreach and inclusion for MSUCOM admissions however her duties have grown to be much more. As a key player in developing programs Bilodeau coordinates outreach events plans internal meetings trains faculty and staff for the new MSUCOM interview process and works with medical students on multiple projects and events. I get the pleasure of working with elementary-aged students middle school students high school students undergraduate students and MSUCOM medical students said Bilodeau. I really enjoy seeing the transformation they have from the programs that we develop. When the admissions team was searching for the right candidate for the position Bilodeaus positive orientation toward customer service and her attention to detail were both attractive and necessary traits. She always takes initiative regarding new projects and never shies away from the opportunity to enhance an existing skill or learn a new one said Floyd Hardin III outreach and inclusion manager. She has provided invaluable support and leadership to pre-college programs and events within the Ofce of Admissions. She truly exemplies what MSU describes as The Spartan Experience said Katherine Ruger director of admissions. Her willingness to participate in vital college projects has provided not only the college with support but students as well. What I enjoy most about my job is seeing how the students benet from the programs that we offer them. Seeing how thankful and appreciative the students are to participate in MSUCOM outreach programs is amazing Bilodeau said. She is currently working toward her Master of Science in Administration Human Resources at Central Michigan University. During her spare time Bilodeau enjoys traveling and spending time with family and friends. Jessica Bilodeau welcomes OsteoCHAMPS participants as they begin their week exploring medical careers and experiencing MSU. by Laura Probyn The MSUCOM Ofce of Admissions found itself facing a very modern challenge. By implementing an electronic application system the number of people hoping to enter the college escalated and now numbers more than 6000. While an online system helps avoid an avalanche of paper it can make it difcult to assess an individuals personal characteristics including level of empathy decision making patterns and teamwork abilities. Admissions Director Katherine Ruger began exploring the possibility of putting a new twist on an old staplethe college interview. She began researching and discovered the multiple mini interview process or MMI. We wanted to ensure applicants were reviewed as whole persons she said. Characteristics and skills deemed essential for an osteopathic physician such as empathy cultural intelligence ethical decision-making and communication are not easily vetted in an application. We chose this interview method to gauge the applicants skill sets in those areas. The process takes applicants through a series of six-minute interviews during which they complete exercises and react to scenarios. The process is hosted in the Learning and Assessment Center and is conducted by faculty staff alumni and current students. MSUCOM REINTRODUCES APPLICANT INTERVIEW PROCESS in a new form Ruger estimates that roughly 15-20 percent of the applicants are being invited to East Lansing for the half-day interview. While they are here they will attend a presentation offering an overview of MSUCOM and participate in a student-led tour she noted. The college had moved away from standard in-person interviews several years ago when the number of applications climbed following several class expansions. Ruger and her team began exploring the possibility of bringing them back for a number of reasons. Applicants faculty and alumni have indicated their desire to engage in an interview process she said. In fact studies have shown that a few of the top reasons applicants select the medical college they attend is based on their experience with the interview. The MMI option was chosen over other interview constructions for several reasons. Chief among them was the fact that researchers at McMaster University the institution where MMI was developed have found that it is the most effective interview method with regard to eliminating bias. They have identied positive correlations with success in the MMI and licensure examination and OSCE objective structured clinical examination results. We are thrilled to get to know our applicants in a different way from a new perspective Ruger notes. Additionally we have had the opportunity to meet and train more than 200 faculty alumni and students to participate in the process and are thrilled to collaborate across our MSUCOM community. Interviews are taking place from August through January. The MSUCOM Office of Admissions has trained 215 individuals to conduct interviews as part of the MMI. Interviews have not been part of the MSUCOM admissions process since 2005. If you would like to learn about interviewer training and scheduling contact Jessica Bilodeau at