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FALL 2015 COMMUNIQU 1FALL 2015 COMMMMUMUUNUMUNMUNUNNMUNMUUNMMU IQQUIQQUIQUIQIQUUQ 1 by Laura Probyn Origami Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center sits just off Hagadorn Road on the south side of Michigan State Universitys campus. Its 35 green tree-lined acres belie the important work that goes on there. Thanks to no-fault auto insurance Michigan has many brain injury rehabilitation locations. Origami stands out for many reasons. It was establishedas apartnershipbetweenMSUCOM and Lansing-based Peckham Industries a non-prot organization that provides disabled individuals with vocational training. Rebecca Wyatt D.O. associate professor in the MSU Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is its medical director. Ive come to appreciate what our partnership with Peckham means to Origami says Mark Notman MSUCOM executive director of administrative services and vice president of the Origami board of directors. Peckham is so embedded in the community and it brings a wealth of resources that benets Origamis operations. They bring a lot to the table that helps round out the Origami organization. Origami opened 18 years ago to provide residential care for individuals who had suffered from traumatic brain injury or TBI. As the population of those with brain injury grew so did the number of people who did not require residential care but needed outpatient services like physical speech and occupational therapies. The decision was made to expand and provide additional offerings. Origamisrstfull-timeoccupationaltherapist joinedthestaffin2000aftercompletingacollege internship at the site. During the second week of my clinical internship at Origami the executive director asked me Are you a PT student or an OT student said Tammy Hannah. I said Im an OT student. She said We are going to be hiring our rst full-time therapist here when do you graduate I completed a three-month internship and was hired as an employee. Hannah is now Origamis executive director leading a staff of nearly 80 people. In addition to traditional therapies Origami provides specialty services like recreational therapy and driving services. The organization serves nearly 200 individuals annually and this continues to increase each year. The people they have from the leadership on down are really a remarkable team doing a lot of cool stuff Notman said. They have a vision they are operationally and clinically strong and attentive. Thecombinationofstaffandresourcessetsthe facility apart. A BLOSSOMING PARTNERSHIP MSUCOM Peckham and Origami A key reason that Origami is unique and successful is the comprehensive nature of our service offerings with things like return-to- driving services vision therapy and all the other things we do that arent widely available said Brent Taylor Origamis business development manager. Origami is part of a new pilot program with the Department of Veterans Affairs that will give veterans who have experienced TBI whether in active service or not new avenues for rehabilitation. The rst patient who is part of thispilotprogramarrivedonValentinesDay.His wife had looked at two other potential facilities before visiting Origami. It was like the three bears said Glyni Fenn ofKalamazoowhosehusbandBillwasinjuredin a home accident years after he left active service. The rst two were okay but not just right. This one was just right. As I was driving in and setting up a tour with Tammy and talking with admissions I was convinced this was where Bill needed to be. It was quiet it was small and there was a lot of one-on-one attention which Bill needs. Origami patients range from those who are just out of the hospital to those who can live independentlywithsupportfromsocialworkers to long-term residents. The medical team works to ensure personalized attention. Typically a medical director is involved in overseeing administrative and clinical practices theyarenotnecessarilyhands-ontreatingclients and contributing to care plans Hannah notes. Dr. Wyatt as our medical director is involved in all of our quality improvement initiatives but also provides PMR consults and participates in family conferences shes really the physician on all of the cases we serve so theres a continuity that I believe is rare for rehabilitation facilities like Origami. Not only does Origami benefit from the partnership MSUCOM also sees positive returns. We get to partner with a community organization that provides a full continuum of caresoitexpandsourclinicalofferingsNotman points out. Our residents work there and we have three doctors afliated with the facility so theres an outlet for services for our PMR folks. Its a fantastic outreach opportunity with Peckham to expand MSUs reach in mid- Michigan. Its not something that goes unnoticed by the patients or their families. Ive felt Ive gotten their attention and they listen to me Fenn said. Ive always appreciated the fact that I can knock on someones door if theres an issue and we can jabber away and get it xed. Thats a wonderful thing. In the ve and a half years since Bill got injured Ive had so many peoplebothmedicalandotherwiseblowmeoff. The people at Origami listen and respect what I have to say. They have embraced me as much as they have embraced Bill. Because theres an ever-expanding need for a broader range of services Origami has undertaken a 3.5 million clinical and residential expansion. We anticipate our residential building and the expansion to the clinic being completed between January and February of 2016 Hannah says. Once those are in operation our existing clinic will undergo its renovation which will be completed May 2016. We will plan a ribbon- cutting ceremony mid-to late summer. The center is also adding additional services. With the onset of the fall high school sports season it is expanding its concussion care servicestofocusonthegrowingemphasisinarea high schools.. Itsnotnecessarilygearedjusttowardathletic concussion but thats certainly a big part of it so were developing a plan to let primary care physiciansurgentcarefacilitiesandothersinthe medical community know about this resource Hannah said. Well also let parents and high school personnel know that it exists because there are a lot of misdiagnosed undiagnosed or untreatedconcussionsthatarerelativelymildon the spectrum but can turn into nagging issues longer term. It would seem like the Origami team would have more than enough to occupy their time. But they continue to plan and think about the possibilities for the future including enhanced fundraising and marketing efforts. We are setting our sights higher and starting to strategize in terms of different things we can do Taylor notes. Corporate sponsorships fundraising events naming rights for common rooms those are all things that are hot topics things we are working on as we speak. We are passionate about broadening our reach into the community. THE PEOPLE AT ORIGAMI LISTEN AND RESPECT WHAT I HAVE TO SAY. THEY HAVE EMBRACED ME AS MUCH AS THEY HAVE EMBRACED BILL. - Glyni Fenn PARTNERSHIP