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FALL 2015 COMMUNIQU 21FALL 2015 COMMUNIQU 21 9-13 CME Craniosacral Techniques Part II MSUCOM Fee Hall East Lansing 35 Category 1-A credits. Chairperson Barb Briner D.O. com.msu.educme 517-353-9714 or 17-21 OMED 2015 the AOA convention Orlando. MSUU of M football game watch The Pub Orlando 1017 time TBA Alumni Reception Tommy Bahama Restaurant and Bar 1019 at 630 p.m. 24 See the Sites 9 a.m.-12 p.m. Detroit Medical Center and 1-4 p.m. Macomb University Center. 23-26 CME Direct Action Thrust Mobilization with Impulse MSUCOM Fee Hall East Lansing 27 Category 1-A credits. Chairperson Carl Steele D.O. M.S. P.T. com.msu.educme 517-353-9714 or 6 CME OMM for the Pregnant and Newborn Patient MSUCOM Fee Hall East Lansing 7 Category 1-A credits. Chairperson Laura Tinning D.O. com.msu.educme 517-353-9714 or 7-8 CME Manual Medicine Related to Sports Occupational Injuries to the Extremities MSUCOM Fee Hall East Lansing 15 Category 1-A credits. Chairpersons Mark Gugel D.O. and Jake Rowan D.O. com.msu.educme 517-353-9714 or 20-21 CME Botsford Symposium for Primary Care Suburban Collection Showplace Novi 17 Category 1-A AOA and 17 Category 1 AMA PRA credits 248-471-8350 4-7 CME Principles of Manual Medicine MSUCOM Fee Hall East Lansing 28 Category 1-A credits. Chairperson Lisa DeStefano D.O. com.msu.educme 517-353-9714 or 21-24 MAOFP Mid-Winter Family Medicine Update Shanty Creek Resort Bellaire. 20-22 Category 1-A credits pending. httpwww.maofp.orgpagewinter 22-26 Craniosacral Techniques Part I MSUCOM East Lansing 35 Category 1-A credits. Chairperson Barbara Briner D.O. com.msu.educme 517-353-9714 or 6 Michigan Osteopathic College Foundation Ball The Henry Autograph Collection Dearborn. com.msu.eduMOCF 20 CME Pediatric Update MSUCOM Fee Hall East Lansing 8 Category 1-A credits com.msu.educme 517-353-9714 or 26-27 CME Basic Principles of TMJ Diagnosis and Treatment Modalities Level 1 at MSUs Breslin Center on Friday and Level 2 at Fee Hall on Saturday 8 Category 1-A credits for each. Chairpersons Lisa DeStefano D.O. and Gary DiStefano D.D.S. com.msu.educme 517-353-9714 or 4-6 CME Advanced Clinical Pearls East Lansing Marriott 22.5 Category 1-A credits. Chairperson Edward Stiles D.O. com.msu.educme 517-353-9714 or 5-12 Healthy Lifestyles and Preventive Care Occidental Grand Aruba Resort classictravelusa.comGroupMSUSeminar2016.html OCTOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER FEBRUARY MARCH 2015 CALENDAR OF EVENTS JANUARY