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20 COMMUNIQU FALL 2015 MOAMICHIGAN OSTEOPATHIC ASSOCIATION The osteopathic profession a positive family by Kristopher Thomas Nicholoff CEO and executive director Michigan Osteopathic Association The many years I have worked in the health care sector have offered me the opportunity to work with so many wonderful people. My good fortune has given me an inside look at the camaraderie within various companies associations and other organizations. The osteopathic profession stands out for a specic reason. Family. As with many professions osteopathic physicians gather for many events. Whether the event be social legislative or the pursuit of continuing education the common thread I have seen is the sense of family. The connections I see come in many forms stories and laughs shared between colleagues mentorship to a medical student from a practicing physician and the common interest of the patients well-being. Within the osteopathic profession there is a genuine sense of fellowship. We also see the sense of family in the numerous examples of legacies. A D.O. with a successful practice may likely have a son or a daughter who has gone to school to study osteopathic medicine. And in many cases MOA NEARLY 30 YEARS OUT HERES WHAT IVE LEARNED . . . Stephen Swetech Thirty years ago I was just beginning my nal year as an MSUCOM student looking forward to a lifetime of practice as an osteopathic physician. Now as an alumnus its my privilege to look back over what Ive gained in applying my skills and to sift out whats been most valuable to me. Heres what Ive learned. 1 The holistic approach to patient care colors everything else. Its not just a nice principle to attract and inspire medical students. It should be the core of everything we do our attention should be patient-centered. Who is this person Whats important to him What values does she have What are his challenges What are her strengths What are the contexts family work community in which they live 2 Choosing to be positive to patients their families staff and colleagues makes everything easier. It costs nothing to smile to have some fun to celebrate. 3 I know I can say for all of us that MSUCOM has built the foundation for our success and given us a multitude of opportunities. It has opened many doors for us and made us rich in many ways socially politically and yes nancially. Its important to give back to our alma mater where we got an excellent start as physicians and where creative and cutting-edge good is still being done. Donate volunteer teach research take a CME course and stay connected. It will nurture your practice and your skills. 4 There is an extraordinary sense of camaraderie in the osteopathic profession evident the rst day we toured MSUCOM. Value it enhance it contribute to it and ensure it for future generations of D.O.s. It makes us much more powerful in our positive impact. The practice of medicine continues to face increasingly difcult challenges. Its easy to feel overwhelmed and discouraged. But Id maintain if we practice the principles above using the holistic approach to patients choosing to be positive giving back and nurturing camaraderie in the profession well nd that its easier to succeed together. Go green Stephen M. Swetech D.O. Class of 1986 MSUCOM Alumni Association President the generations of D.O.s may stretch from grandparent to grandchild. My vantage point is special. While I am able to see the profession transform and advance as technology grows and methods evolve I am also able to witness the bond between D.Os of all ages. The retired physicians trade stories and share history while practicing physicians talk of serving their communities. Residents and interns enthusiastically establish themselves by joining committees and other groups to network and gain opportunities while students are eager to learn and pursue their passion. The profession carries on in this connected cycle just like a family. My advice to the young students who are weighing their career options with regard to medical education is to seek out osteopathic physicians and ask them What made you decide to be a D.O. There are a number of reasons they may cite but within their answer you nd their desire to become part of the osteopathic family.