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FALL 2015 COMMUNIQU 17 ALUMNI Michael Brennan DOING WHAT IT TAKES FOR HIS PATIENTS by Pat Grauer Its a long way from his initial career choice as a packaging engineer but endocrinologist Michael Brennan has a passion to provide every good treatment possible to his wide variety of patients. A 2006 MSUCOM alumnus Brennan led the development of the William Beaumont Endocrine Center in St. Clair Shores and provides care to patients with conditions including disorders in calcium and bone metabolism thyroid sex hormones gender identity pancreas pituitary adrenal glands and metabolism and obesity. Living with Type I diabetes since the age of 12 Brennan knows all the subtleties and unrecognized hardships of this disease especially for teenagers. There are a multitude of personal and social implications to these diseases he said. Struggling to handle those myself at a young age has made me more sensitive to what my patients experience. Endocrine disorders are generally chronic and we are heavily involved with lifestyle management Brennan notes. Patients have to be their own doctors most of the time and my job is to prepare them to do that well. I can suggest medical treatment but they have to implement the suggestions. I love practicing endocrinology. There are so many good medicines available for treatment that I can have a long-lasting relationship with my patients and make a real difference in their lives. Noting that some endocrinologists select and prescribe limited options for equipment and treatment it is important to Brennan that his patients have opportunities and choices for all therapies. My patients see a display case in my ofce with all the latest technology and medications he said. There are many different kinds of pharmacologic options insulin pumps pens patches and pods. There are continuous glucose monitors and exciting new developments recently approved by the FDA. Since Ive graduated from medical school there have been several new classes of medication for just the treatment of diabetes let alone the rest of endocrinology. I know them all and I want my patients to be aware of their choices. I make it a point to offer my patients every option available to them in order to determine what best ts their needs he said. I love working for a non-prot health system. I can take more time with patients and I try to stay fair and balanced so I dont limit options for my patients he said. I also am blessed with an amazing staff including nurse practitioners and medical assistants who deserve full credit for the care they provide and others who keep everything running smoothly. He empowers patients in other ways through education and reason. A lot of things we say as clinicians are not always logical Brennan said. I want them to eat right exercise be healthy and well-balanced. I am not going to tell them they cant have a bit of cake on their birthdays. In addition to his clinical work Brennan is a strong advocate for supporting patients with endocrine diseases including lobbying the legislature in Washington D.C. about Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement. Hes also the principal investigator on a study of genetic markers in follicular lesions of undetermined signicance in the thyroid and others on nursing education and diabetes. He has a lovely family including wife Kate son Luke age 5 and daughter Jane age 3. After his graduation from MSUCOM Brennan took an internal medicine pediatrics residency at Beaumont Hospital Royal Oak and then a two year adult endocrinology fellowship at Henry Ford Hospital. He also holds a masters degree in epidemiology from MSU. Its my job to keep people out of the hospital Brennan said. My practice is people based not procedure based. Its empowering the patient. Heres our mission To remedy all endocrine disorders with excellence. To empower patients health care professionals and the community to maintain good health in those with endocrine diseases. This service will be done with understanding hope and care for each individual patient of the Beaumont Endocrine Center. Always advocating for stellar endocrinology care Brennan was a featured CME speaker for MSUCOMs Fall Kaleidoscope.