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12 COMMUNIQU FALL 201512 COMMUNIQU FALL 2015 by Pat Grauer If John LHote hadnt stepped up to the plate 50 years ago the Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine might have been something entirely different than it is today. In 1965 he only knew about osteopathic medicine from a D.O. neighbor. By 1970 he was leading the Michigan profession in negotiating with legislators and university presidents with the same steadfast condence he has approached everything in a remarkable life. LHote trim pleasant and articulate is now 98 living with his wife of 76 years Harriet in Bloomeld Hills. They met for ve minutes at the Highland Park High School commencement and the rest was history. They went to junior college together and he worked nights at a trucking company. She went to Michigan State he went to work at Great Lakes Steel she graduated they got married and just before he was sent overseas for World War II the rst of three children was born. A pattern was emerging in LHotes life one in which as he puts it People have always assumed that I would be able to cope with leading something that needed doing. At 17 he was a porter on a cruise ship. At Great Lakes he was hired on the labor gang and promoted twice in a few months. During the war sent as an electrician to the combat rest center the major in charge asked him if hed like to run the facility. How can I do that Im only a private rst class. Dont worry the major said. We wont tell anybody. For the rest of the war LHote led the staff and signicant resources at the center providing muddy soldiers coming in from the front clean uniforms showers and medical and dental care. The end of the war found them both at Michigan State College Harriett as a graduate assistant and he as a student under the GI Bill working as a custodian at the Spartan Nursery School where their son attended. I nd it interesting that I was cleaning toilets at the nursery school and six years later I was working as the supervising engineer for the Detroit Public School System. I had I d it i t ti th t I PEOPLE HAVE ALWAYS ASSUMED THAT I WOULD BE ABLE TO COPE WITH LEADING SOMETHING THAT NEEDED DOING. - John LHote over 2000 people cleaning toilets for me. That job which included a 30 million annual budget lasted for 30 years. SERVICE TO MSUCOM By this time LHote was a nationally recognized authority on educational facilities their planning construction operation and maintenance. Following a party at the home of his D.O. neighbor he was asked to assist in the construction of the Michigan College of Osteopathic Medicine in Pontiac MSUCOMs private forebear. He agreed and attended the rst meeting. No one else showed he said. For the whole design period I was the only person who represented the osteopathic profession in the design of an osteopathic college. He worked with the architects assisted the development of a 40 million campus plan and directed the work of John LHote stepped up to the plate 50 years ago to hit several homers for MSUCOMs future. JOHN LHOTE A LIFETIME OF ANSWERING THE CALL made MSUCOM possible HIGHLIGHTS