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FALL 2015 COMMUNIQU 11FALL 2015 COMMUNIQUU 1111 Like father like son PROVIDING MEDICAL CARE TO THE UNDERSERVED by Sarah Mancuso MSUCOM alumnus Ken Stringer Class of 1974 and his son Ryan Stringer Class of 2013 spent one week in April on a medical mission trip in Haiti with the organization Mission of Hope Haiti. Ken Stringer is a pediatrician in the MSUCOM pediatrics department faculty. Ryan Stringer is currently in an ER residency at Lakeland Health St. Joseph Michigan. Alongside the father-son pair was Ryan Stringers wife Sara a labor and delivery nurse. The Stringer family is drawn to medical mission trips because they provide opportunity to aid the underserved. Particularly in Haiti there is a lack of access to both health care and education and the Stringers were able to use their medical training as an avenue to provide care and make an impact. The April mission organized by Mission of Hope Haiti included four physicians and about 10 other health care professionals. The team saw about 425 patients at two remote villages. We ran mobile clinics that were primarily supported by generous donations Ryan said. We lled trucks with medicine and medical supplies and drove to the villages to provide services free of charge. All three have participated in medical mission trips before. This particular trip provided a new experience though and memories that wont be forgotten. It was very special to team up and share this experience with my son said Ken. We have different specialties since hes in emergency medicine and Im in pediatrics but it was a dream come true to work alongside and consult with him. Ryan has always considered his father a major inspiration in pursuing a medical career and found it meaningful to work alongside his dad. Having the opportunity to practice with my dad and my wife was such a cool experience he said. It provided for me a renewed perspective and passion for the type of doctor I want to be. The Stringer family plans to pursue more medical mission opportunities in the future and found the time spent and care delivered in Haiti to be rewarding. They are all grateful for the chance to give to people who have such great needs. Its all in the family for left to right Ken Stringer D.O. Ryan Stringer D.O. and Sara Stringer R.N. Ryan examines a young Haitian with an assist from Sara. The medical team pauses for a photo. STUDENTS