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8 COMMUNIQU FALL 2015 Volunteering to support Detroits youth Two second-year MSUCOM students Raef Fadel and Israa Kenaan joined Anne Snyder admissions counselor to participate in Metro Detroits 35th annual Youth Day. MSU Admissions and the colleges of Veterinary Medicine and Engineering also represented the university at the event. This Metro Detroit Youth Day was created to show the youth of Detroit that businesses the community and civic organizations care about them. More than 34000 people attended the event. The three MSUCOM representatives hosted a booth where youngsters could meet the future doctors and receive an MSU temporary face tattoo. More than 1000 children visited the booth. It was a perfect thing to do said Fadel. While they are waiting for the tattoo to stick we had a chance to talk to them and nd out more about them. This is exactly what we train our doctors to do spend a few minutes trying to get to know the patient said Snyder. Both Raef and Israa are applying what they are learning in class in day-to-day life. Stepping up to support CHASS The third annual CHASS Community Health and Social Services Center Mexicantown 5k RunWalk and Childrens Race took place Aug. 8 in Detroit. CHASS is a community based non-prot organization that provides comprehensive affordable health care and support to community members with special emphasis on underserved African-American and Latino populations. MSUCOM alumnus Richard Bryce D.O. is a staff physician at the CHASS Southwest Center. One of the reasons for the 5Ks success was the amazing MSUCOM volunteers. More than 15 MSUCOM volunteers helped setclean up and cheer on participants. They posed for a photo at the event with another great Spartan who traveled to Detroit to cheer on the racers. Gaining insight into mental health Thirty second-year MSUCOM students participated in a Community Integrated Medicine Mental Health First Aid training on July 11. MHFA training is a nationally recognized certication program. Participants were taught how to assist someone experiencing a mental health related-crisis. During the workshop participating students learned about risk factors how to identify warning signs for mental health and addiction concerns strategies to help people in crisis and non-crisis situations and where to turn for help. Trainees received information about the epidemiology of substance abuse disorders major depressions anxiety and panic disorders and psychoses. Almost 20 percent of American adults have some form of diagnosed mental health condition. Students left the training with a greater sensitivity to the stigma associated with mental illness and the silent suffering that people experience in the community day-to-day said Sean Morris one of the participating students. STUDENTS MSUCOM STUDENTS in action Experiencing health care in Peru The 2015 Peru elective gave participants another unique experience in health care research culture and understanding. The seventh annual trip took 85 participants including students residents faculty alumni and other doctors to Peru. The travelers spent time touring a medical school and teaching hospital in Lima offering basic medical care to underserved patients in Iquitos and then taking to the waters of the Amazon River to provide care in indigenous villages. During the trip the students also took part in research projects. Since the electives rst year the groups have treated more than 9000 patients and delivered medications and supplies valued at more than 1 million. Participants have submitted 37 research abstracts and received nearly 17000 in research grants. See photos from this years trip and read the participants blog by visiting