2018 Diplomats - College of Osteopathic Medicine - Michigan State University

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HelmetMichigan State UniversityCollege of Osteopathic Medicine

2018 Diplomats Continued




William G. Anderson I, DO, and Rhea Heil

Independent Emergency Physicians, PC

Algirdas Juocys, DO

Drs. Harris and Phoebe Mainster

Heart & Vascular Institute; Drs. Mahir Elder, Tamam Mohamad, and Amir Kaki

McLaren Bay, Flint, Lapeer, Oakland, & Port Huron Anesthesiologists – Anesthesia Services Associates, PC



Michael Greenslait, DO, and Marta Greenslait

Kris Nicholoff

Larry Wickless, DO and Carole Crosby, JD



John Barnwell, MD

Tammy Born, DO

William Cunningham, DO, and Norine Cunningham

Dr. MaryLee Davis

Dr. Quen and Denise Dickey

Susan Enright, DO

Mona Y. Fakih, DO, RPh

Dr. Patrick Flaherty and Tiffany Flaherty

Riccardo Giovannone, DO, FAOAO, and Sue Giovannone

David Jankowski, DO

Craig Magnatta, DO, and Jennifer Magnatta

JoAnn Mitchell, DO, and George Artzberger, DO

Carol Monson, DO

Brian Mosallam

Drs. William and Linda Peterson

Susan Sevensma, DO

Dr. & Mrs. Fred and Janet Tinning

Mary Jo Voelpel, DO

Kirsten Waarala, DO, and Tracey Sperry, DO

Srikala Yedavally-Yellayi, DO, and Subrahmanya Yellayi, MD



Gail and Barbara Riegle

Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Snyder

Suzanne and George Wilson




Peter Ajluni, DO, and Judy Ajluni

William and Lisa Athens

Dr. Bret and Holly Bielawski

Michael Burry, DO, and Tina Burry

William Bush, DO, and Diane Bush

William M. Falls, PhD

Dr. Craig and Lisa Glines

Dr. Daniel and Kimberly Harber

Patrick and Kari Hortos, DO

Dr. Adam Hunt and Carelyn Hernandez

David Kaufman, DO

Kevin McKinney

MSUCOM Office of Personal Counseling/Health Promotion

Drs. Gregory Niederhauser and May Bue-Niederhauser

Eugene Oliveri, DO, and Elena Oliveri

Dennis Paradis, MPH, and Janet Olszewski, MSW

Perry and Anita Parkhurst

Kenneth J. Richter, DO, and Nadine Richter, DVM

Susan J. Seman, DO

Paul D. Stein, MD, and Janet Stein



Jerry and Jean Aben

Craig and Mary Kay Bethune

Dr. David and Diane Boes

Gerson I. Cooper

Bernadette Gendernalik, DO

Robert J. Gordon, DO, and Lori S. Roberts-Gordon

Justin and Carrie Grill

Robert and Connie Heintz

Dr. Edward Jelonek, Jr. and Mrs. M. T. Hammer

Steven Katzman, DO

Dr. and Mrs. Frank Komara

Edward A. Loniewski, DO, and Mary Joanne Loniewski

Drs. Joseph and Giuseppina Naughton

Mark and Fidelia Notman

Chris Pfeifer, DO

Joseph Pysh, DO

Drs. Geoffrey and Paola Seidel

Bruce Van Dop, DO

David L. Wolf, DO



Joshua Berris, DO

Drs. Richard and Kelly Bryce

Erin Caverly, DO

Ryan Conway

Lori Gorbis and Sherman Gorbis, DO

Margaret Kingry, PhD

Kimberly and Scott LaMacchia

Ron Marino, DO, MPH

Glynda Moorer, MD

Gerri and Joe Navarre

Joseph M. and Cecile M. Pirch

Drs. Myral and Gerald Robbins

Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan Rohrer

Bruce Roth, DO

Dr. Katherine M. Ruger

Thomas D. and Paulette B. Sharkey

Brian and Tonya VanOrder

Laurie Wallace, DO, and James Wallace

Lewin Wyatt, DO